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Ecommerce / B2C

Fullestop’s fully-fledged ecommerce solutions enable manufacturers and distributors to streamline and grow their ecommerce channel. Whether your business segment is B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customers), our solutions enable you to reach more customers, sell more products and efficiently fulfill more orders – across multiple websites.

We create cutting-edge B2B, B2C and ecommerce solutions to help you transact with your customers and suppliers efficiently, approach to the global market and attain higher revenues with managed inventory, invoicing, content management and sales processes. We can help you with setting up your online outlet, creating product catalogues, database management, secure payment gateway integration, order tracking, tax/shipping calculations and much more.

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Ecommerce / B2C Solutions-Our Expertise

Fullestop has vast experience in setting up online shopping carts, payment gateways and all other types of ecommerce solutions. We helps you to manage your new business as well as your existing business. We can help you to grow across multiple channels, webstores, in-house sales, retail distributors, brick-and-mortar stores and channel partners. Our offerings include:

Key features of our solutions

We use most cutting-edge technologies to create a fully-featured B2B/Ecommerce solution for your business. Our developers are highly seasoned with Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal and many other popular ecommerce platforms.

Webstore and Shopping Cart

  • A full-featured webstore to deliver customers with an intuitive shopping experience
  • Support a wide range of payment methods and multiple currencies
  • Manage multiple webstores and catalog businesses
  • Order tracking through special self-service portals.

Orders and Fulfilment

  • Streamline the complete order-to-shipment process
  • Set up webstore shopping cart orders to trigger all necessary processes

Multiple Business Channels

  • Sell your products through multiple web sites and channels
  • Flow all information into order management, inventory management and customer management system

Customer Self-Service

  • Give each customer a 24/7 access to a password-protected self-service center. The customers may view & track order status, view their purchase history, update their shipping and payment information, request returns and refunds, and much more.

Password-Protected Content

  • Password-protect all or a portion of the site to prevent the unauthorized access
  • Limit who can access your site
  • Restrict your entire site or particular products or pages

Customer Upsell and Cross-Sell

  • Capture your customer information in a single system
  • Maintain customers' purchase and interaction histories to create targeted, personalized upsell and cross-sell campaigns
  • Track how customers use your website and what products they like most

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