Developing an App: Consider 6 Things before You Get Started

December 12 2014

Mobile apps are getting really popular. There are plenty of individual apps to do almost everything from online chatting to photo editing to paying mobile bills. If you too have an idea for developing a mobile app, here is what to think about next.

app development

1. Purpose of App Development

You need to decide the purpose you are building your app for; whether it is intended for promoting an existing business or monetizing the app is your sole agenda.

If you want to use the app to showcase your car dealership, local pub or community centre, the best option is to hire a local app development company. You just need to show them some apps you like in the store, and provide the text, photos and videos you would like to have in your app. Also, try to make your app usable. Apple has curbed its rules and is not publishing apps that are merely marketing material.

If your sole purpose behind making the app is revenue generation, try not to target your app towards one country. To get maximum revenue, start small and prefer using your first few apps as a hands on education. Also, you can buy source code, update the graphics and publish it, usually for a low price. The rule says: The less you spend, the faster you will earn profit.

2. App Platform: iPhone, Android or both

Before you start developing the app, you should decide whether you want an app for iPhone, Android, or both. Since the two platforms use different languages, people tend to choose only one at the beginning to keep the budget low. Also, it’s recommended that you go for iPhone. As it’s comparatively more difficult to get downloads and generate revenue from an Android app.

3. Should the app be free or paid?

ricing thing works differently for different types of apps. While free applications are usually popular in games and entertainment, the safest option is to make two versions: paid and free. You just need to assess which version makes you the most money and start working from there. You can make money from a free app by displaying advertisements.

4. What kind of app should you make?

If you really want to earn from your app, you should study the market demand for your app category before commencing the development. Get to know the top free, top paid, and top grossing apps in the interested categories. Install the apps and use them. Basically, you need to make sure that people are downloading the types of app you want to develop. If they are not, it’s better to drop that idea and move on to your next app idea.

5. Should you hire someone or develop the app yourself?

If you want to start an app business, it’s recommended that you start learning the development process; but if you want to make a single app, hiring a firm advisable.

6. Risk Factors

Analyzing the risks involved and the extent to which you can take that risk is really important. You should try to create a portfolio of multiple successful apps, rather than putting all of your efforts into one big app. Aim to keep the risk low and prospects for success high. It’s relatively easier to make money from multiple small apps than it is from one big app, especially at the beginning. As you’ll keep learning from every app you publish, the quality of your apps will keep enhancing. You will learn valuable lessons from your mistakes.

It requires a lot of hard work to do it right. There’s a steep learning curve in the beginning; but as the time flows and you stay stick to it, things will start working for sure and it is definitely worth it.

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