#Part 1 – How to get more Pinterest Followers?

July 21 2014

There are many benefits of getting more followers on Pinterest; the most important being the opportunity that it provides to meet people with similar interests. Hence, you can use it to gain customers or reach to new potential business partners. Also, more followers means more likes, repins, comments and exposure. This ultimately helps drive more traffic, generate sales and leads, and build an effective Pinterest brand. So, here are some tips to help you get more followers on Pinterest.

1. Add a Pinterest follow button on your website

The follow button diverts your website traffic to the Pinterest page. This can be really useful if you have a reasonably high traffic coming to your website. Try to attach your Pinterest follow button in several notable places on your website and blog, like header, footer or sidebar, to catch the attention of user. You can use the widget builder page on Pinterest to create the button or you can also create a custom button.

Fullestop placed Pinterest button on the header divert users to their Pinterest page. Check out the snapshot below:

Pinterest Icons

2. Add the Profile Widget

Just like a Follow button; the profile widget can also lead your site visitors to your Pinterest page. But the profile widget is comparatively more effective than the Follow button basically because it’s bigger and can be used to display up to 30 of your latest pins. Users easily get attracted by graphics and beautiful images. This widget gives you an amazing opportunity to utilize this benefit.

As with the case of button, you can either create your profile widget by using the widget builder or a custom widget according to your requirement.

3. Share Regularly

When you share frequently, more people will reach to your pins. These pins display your details below the image and thus, people can easily see the person or company who pinned the image and reach to your website.

Fullestop reviews on products on Pinterest 2014-07-21 10-52-00

Another awesome way to get more followers is to pin a lot of images.

Sometimes after you pin an image, you get an-“Also pinned to…”- message, and an option to follow the board on which the same pin has been added. This is how Pinterest helps you discover people with similar interests. Similarly, Pinterest will recommend your board to people who pin the same image as yours, but only if you pin a lot of images frequently. More recommendations mean more followers.

Fullestop on Pinterest

If you’ll check the Pinterest page of fullestop, you will find an array of helpful pins that are shared strategically to attract their target audience.

4. Comment and like popular pins

The popular pins are the ones that have been repinned, liked and commented on multiple times. You can take advantage of these pins by posting a comment and in turn, attracting people with similar tastes to your Pinterest page. But you should examine the image carefully before commenting and add an awesome comment that affects. A mere “Nice Pin” or “Great Find” is not going to help. When you add a meaningful comment, it will make people want to visit your page and follow you.

Comment on Popular Pinterest Pins

But remember too much commenting can lead to spam and have your account being suspended. Don’t post more than 2-3 comments a day.

5. Mention others in the pin

It’s good to mention others in the description of a pin or the comments, especially in a complementing tone. This draws attention of the person or company you mentioned and persuade them to follow you.

6. Connect Your Social Networks

Connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your Pinterest account can help you attract your Facebook and Twitter followers to your Pinterest page.

Pinterest enables you to easily tweet your pins so that your Twitter followers can see them. Also, it provides an appropriate exposure on Facebook by enabling you to display your Pinterest activity in your Facebook friends’ and followers’ feeds.

Fullestop has connected its Twitter account to its Pinterest account, as you can see in the below screenshot.

Fullestop on Pinterest

Using some or all of the above tips, you can manage to get more followers on Pinterest and increase user engagement. More followers mean wider brand visibility and an increased return on investment (ROI).

Stay connected for the next blog update, “How to get more Pinterest Followers? – Part 2”.

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