How to create viral content?

January 29 2015

Creating valuable content takes considerable amount of time and effort. Throwing a random string of sentences to the audience and calling it content will not serve the purpose. You need to design a piece of content that really adds some value to your business. It is only this content that gets shared.

Only a great content can solidify your business and add credibility in your space; and to derive real benefits out of this content, you need to make sure that it is viral and sharable. Leveraging your content to its greatest potential plays a crucial role in your marketing strategy. Now the question is: How to create such viral content? The key to this is to create a content that entice users to share it. Let’s see how you can get your audience to share it.

1. Personalize your content

You need to make your content special; and personalizing the content is the best way to accomplish this. When you personalize your content, it’s sure to go viral and this is because it provides the most value to your audience. You need to understand: What’s most personal is most universal. And so, you should not be afraid to really anchor your audience in a way that sticks the most.

viral content

One of the other great tips is to first identify your user’s pain point and then write your content that specifically meet and satisfy this special need. Once you have identified that pain point, you can write your headline as the exact question you are answering or solving.

For instance, suppose you are in content marketing business; and one of your client’s major complaints is regarding the content you delivered in the past. They might not find it worthy of anything. In such a case, you should make the focus of your content meet this audience stratum and hook them with headlines like, “Tired of wasting money on bogus content?” or something like this. A company looking for content writing services is likely to at least click and read on this content.

2. Make it simple

You posts should be easily sharable, especially on popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If your audience gets done with your post and find it simply awesome to share; they should be able to do this with a single click of button. If you are not willing to embed share widgets into your content, you are making a big mistake. You must optimize your site and content to make the sharing process as easy as possible.

Also, readers should not be forced to log in to your site to see the content. Logging process reduces the chances of sharing to 50%. Making sharing as easy as a click of button and using widgets to auto populate the text for the audience is the best way to ensure your content goes viral. You might also use in-text social share widgets like TweetDis and Shareaholic.

3. Follow the ‘ask’ procedure

You should never ignore the power of asking your audience yourself to share your content. Make a practice of asking your audience to share the content in their circles at the end of your post. Sometimes, an easy request to help spread the word is more than enough to get people sharing.

If you are not witnessing any traction with the ask-nicely method, you can use content lockers that freeze certain aspects of your content from further reading until the user takes some action or share the word. This is not a tactic to use on every piece of content you create, but it can prove really effective for some of your most valuable pieces to get the boost they require.

Final Word

Content owns the power to take your business to even greater heights; but realizing its true potential requires you to deliver stuff that is really beneficial to the reader audience. The content should be enticing enough to get them share it and make it viral.