Enticing Strategies to convert Ecommerce visitors Into Buyers in 2015

January 30 2015

According to a recent survey, it was deduced that about one billion people have bought something online. This adds up to about 40% of the internet users. The E-commerce businesses, besides getting a piece of this pie, want to increase their market share and get more conversions as well.


Here are five strategies to help you increase your e-commerce conversions:

  1. Execute your shopping campaigns on Google AdWords

    Shopping campaigns are quite effective and convert much better than search campaigns. This is because of the fact that people are able to compare the product prices more readily on search page and, thus, a click is more likely to turn into a conversion. Moreover, people see an image of the product before even clicking the advert; and as you might know already that images are a great conversion driver, this strategy pays for itself.

    The second best part about a shopping campaign is that you just need one feed to run a campaign on potentially every item of your E-commerce aspect. This saves your considerable amount of time which would otherwise be wasted on setup and allows you to find potentially profitable items quite rapidly. Furthermore, shopping campaigns are comparatively easier to manage and maintain, which makes them a perfect marketing tool for e-commerce shops.

  2. Implementing the Remarketing strategy

    Based on the above discussion, it would not be wrong to say that shopping campaigns deliver a great deal of traffic to an e-commerce store. This effectiveness can be maximized by implementing remarketing strategy to everyone who visit your site via a shopping campaign, but did not convert. Such visitors are more likely to get converted on a second visit as compared to the first time visitors, basically because they already know your brand.

    All you need to do is to create a custom designed offer for such visitors, and work at being a top-notch choice for their purchases.

  3. Continual research on price

    The pricing strategy of your products can make a huge difference in the success of your e-commerce shop. The more your product gets standardized, the more it will entice your visitors to convert into buyers. A weekly research of current market prices is quite beneficial. You need to make sure that you are not pricing yourself out of the market database.

  4. Simple mobile checkouts

    Mobile traffic is growing quite rapidly and, in many cases, the paid mobile traffic costs much less than the desktop traffic. This, in turn arises the need for mobile-friendly stores that makes the whole process of filling out the forms and checkout as convenient and user-friendly as possible. The easier the process, the more will be the sales you generate.

  5. Allow guest checkouts

    Do not compel your customers to register before buying. This is an absolute conversion rate killer. You must allow your customers to buy as a guest following which you can offer them to get registered. You can also use an incentive, like shipment tracking, to encourage them create a profile on your website.

    Creating a guest checkout will also allow you to remove any potential obstacles between you and your new customer. The thumb rule says: The smoother is your sales funnel, the higher is your conversion rate.

Get started

Running a profitable e-commerce campaign is not just about sending traffic on the website. There are many other factors that should be taken into consideration. Each business has its own unique requirements that one needs to understand. Starting from the above strategies is just a way towards moving your steps in the right direction.

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