Intel cross-platform app development tool

December 17 2012

Technology giant Intel is all set to roll out a new HTML5 programming tool which is anticipated to be capable of minimizing application development costs and efforts. The main focus of the company is to increase the revenue of mobile application development which is gradually decreasing due to high cost of application development and very limited lifespan of the apps.

Intel is planning to provide the programmers and developers with the tools to create high end applications for desktops, tablets and mobiles. The tools will be compatible with multiple platforms and cross-platforms. It will support iOS, Android, Windows and Tizen. To make the tools more compatible, the company is adopting HTML5 as their development framework. The main reason behind choosing HTML5 is its low development cost and consistency.

The best possibility entailed with this announcement is the opportunity to create a program using single language and running it on multiple platforms. A common platform may reduce the cost of developing and testing the program hence capable of increasing the revenue of developers. Currently, the only option available for the developers is to create all the applications using Apple, Android or Windows OS which is pretty risky.

According to a recent survey from Intel, around 63 percent of all applications are capable of generating 5,000 USD per month while 33 percent apps make 100 to 500 USD per month. And unfortunately, most of the apps have a lifetime of three months, after that the users stop using them. Thus, to remain active in the market, the developers have to come up with a new version which further costs a lot of money.

Intel is also offering development tools with cross-platform compatibility, which will enable the developers to create a common application for iOS, Android, Windows and Tizen. This will certainly decrease the cost involved in app development and having a single app for multiple platforms, the developers may anticipate better revenue from the app. The company has not yet revealed the exact release date of the tool and we may have to wait for some time before navigating through it.

Intel is the market leader in computer segment but the company still has to run many miles before ruling the smart phone and tablet market. This announcement will certainly strengthen its position in these handheld devices.

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