The Nitty Gritty of Converting Your Social Media Followers into Customers

The Nitty Gritty of Converting Your Social Media Followers into Customers
April 08 2016

Social media is a great tool not only for communicating with our known on regular basis but also for the purpose of marketing. But with so many people on the social media and in the midst of all posts it is even normal for a practiced online marketer to feel overwhelmed. You can scroll through the content and it will never end. It is necessary for the marketers to produce high-quality content for the followers if they want to convert them into regular customers and visitors. Content is the king and the key and it is also the way to come on top in search engine results. Google also demand high-quality content and since it commands 31% of the traffic, make sure you are on the good side of the Google. High-quality content is also helpful in boosting the awareness about the brand and inspiring clicks which turns into sales and subscriptions. Below are some tips which will help you in increasing the social media visitors and transform the traffic into customers.

Boost your traffic by identifying the high-quality linking opportunities

For a big brand and thousands of fans you can post your content on your homepage or on the news feed which is general and common but you can also use the different tactics.
Increasing online traffic is crucial and necessary if one wants to improve its rate of conversion from social media visitors and website users and the secret of this success lies in high-quality links, which can make the user click.

By default links acquired on social media are high quality as per Google’s standard because these social giants have high online authority. They are believed to offer more opportunities and greater trust in comparison to other sources. It is even possible for a new landing page to get a comparative high ranking in the organic search through the social media.

Offer reasons to user to click on the links

Many social media users complain that there are too many unconvincing posts by the online businesses. There has to be the presence of persuasive reasons otherwise users won’t click and they will scroll down to other posts.
There are managers who are expert in doing everything right on the website but their strategies fails when it comes to social media. Absence of real call to action is reason for their failure. You should let your audience know what it is that you expect from them whether it is clicking, buying or what.

Since images increase the engagement rate both Facebook and Twitter tried to solve this problem by adding images to the tweets. However, it turns out that only adding image is not enough.
Also, don’t give too much information on the post rather maintain the element of surprise for the user. Too much information gives the user the ability to choose whether they are interested or not. Remember there is a very fine line between over sharing and under sharing; maintain the distinction between the two and you are good to go.

Use headlines to invoke the desire

Many managers know how to generate original high-quality content for the brand but they fail in invoking the desire of the customer. It is important to create titles which invoke the curiosity of the audience. Creating memorable headlines will attract the attention of the audience as it attracts high quality links which can help you in turning your follower into customers.