After Android App Development: Tips to Promote Your App on Google Play

After Android App Development: Tips to Promote Your App on Google Play
February 01 2017

Alongside iOS, Android is most likely one of the most winning cellular platforms. While Apple stands as one of the most prevailing participants in the USA as well as different tending markets, Android mobiles have a huge buyer base around the sector. Therefore, developing an application is for Android is undoubtedly a very good suggestion.

Though with more than 600,000 apps, your software is most likely to get lost in the crowd if proper attention is not paid to the Google Play app retailer. With the app retailer, ample apps clamour for consideration on a regular basis. What are you required to do to make your app stand out from the crowd?

Below are the 3 ways mentioned that you can follow to make your app popular on Google Play.

  1. Parallel App Advertising with Building
    Don’t wait till the time your application is in the phase of development.

    Start marketing and advertising your application, in the meantime the advanced procedures are taking place. The least that you can do is get a website ready to start publishing the weblogs and distributing information about your application, its usage and its importance, in simple words start developing the need for your application in people’s minds.

    1. You can advertise the notion of these blogs on social media sites so that more and more people get aware of it.

    2. Going one step further, you can also write articles, visitor evaluations and posts on merchandise and subjects associated with the android application that you are building.

    A large number of people will soon start to wag their tongues about your application, much soon than you would have expected, and you can acquire a robust start just as you release your application in the market.


    Make sure that the promotion that you are doing via a weblog or social media is pertinent to the application that you are developing, for example, writing secrets of life blogs might not prove useful if you’re developing an industrial application.

  2. SEM for Google Play

    After successfully completing the application, the next step is to submit the app, to the Google Play retailer where a personal web page will be dedicated to it.
    A lot of us will succeed in the web page by providing weblog posts, social media updates as well as hyperlinks to the articles written for the application. You might only get some time to prove the worthiness of your application, therefore make sure that all the knowledge that you are sharing via online marketing is absolutely accurate.

    To make it user-friendly for your customers, it is very important to

    1. Set the correct titles for your application. The titles should reflect the actual motive of your application.

    2. Additionally, it would be great if you create an effective icon to further constitute your application and also add some screenshots of high-resolution just like the cherry on the cake.


    As you will not be getting a lot of space for sharing your content on the webpage, therefore while writing anything you require to be extraordinarily cautious. Always go for an easy description, bullet points, and key phrases, this would describe your application much more effectively.

  3. Popularize your App among Relatives, Friends, & Office Staff

    The first couple of days are the most important for your application. These days decide whether Google Play will make or break your android application.
    It is important to know that most of the people who are downloading the application, pay attention to its reviews and scores of your app.

    1. Within the first few days, you will get constant updates from Google Play retailer regarding the number of downloads that are taking place for your application.

    2. Additionally, it will also monitor the scores, so if your app gets excellent scores and downloads. It is most probable to get listed in Best Possible Promoting, Trending or Workforce Choices phase.
      You can ask your friends and relatives to download your application and present it will five-star scores, and ask them to spread the message of this application to their friends and relatives as well.


    Always, keep a keen watch over any kind of unfavourable evaluations and try to solve any issues that come forwards with your application.
    If you follow these simple steps nothing can stop your application to get a huge splash on Google Play.

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