iPhone as Biometric Scanner

April 18 2013

Smartphone have already proved that they are much more than just a regular phone. There are quite a few activities that you can perform using these superior gadgets that were just imaginable sometimes. Now the Smartphone industry is burgeoning with the news that the iPhone can be used for security purpose as well. A California based company has designed a system that can convert your iPhone 4 or 4S into a biometric scanning tool. Using this system, you can scan your face, iris, fingerprints or voice for the use of authentication.

The basic idea and concept behind this system is to make biometric authentication on the go. Consider a situation where the airport immigration guards need to authenticate your identification using biometric device, they will need to take you to the biometric system. It is further helpful for the police to confirm the identification of a person wherever and whenever they want.

There are additional hardware and software required to perform biometric identification. The package is known as AOptix Stratus, which consists of an iOS app and an iPhone wrap. The app will cost $199 and it uses the iPhone camera to snap pictures of face and voice recording. There is an extra camera that does iris scanning and fingerprint scanning. A software development kit will also be introduced soon that will enable users to customize the app as per their requirements.

Using this system is quite easy, as all a user need is to insert his iPhone in the device and connect it with a 30-pin connector. The app will automatically start working. The user can register the biometrics of the person in front of him. The user can also register GPS coordinates and can transmit the data through mobile internet connection. All the pictures taken by the camera are stored in the app and can be easily accessed. You may also create the profile of the person including his face, iris, voice and fingerprints.

The cost of the system may sound a bit high, as most of the Smartphone users prefer going with free apps. Therefore, the company stats it is not for individual users, but organizations and government bodies can find it very suitable for them. It can be used for mobile banking, remote healthcare and many other purposes.

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