Mobile App Development: Mistakes Related to Business and Process

Mobile App Development: Mistakes Related to Business and Process
February 29 2016

With the sudden growth in mobile phone usage, mobile apps have become heavily famous in last few years. According to the statistics in 2009 alone there were around $2.9 billion fee based downloads of mobile apps. This number is very expected to reach 270 billion in 2017. The numbers are exaggerating but there is a hidden truth in them. Such large numbers suggest that apps often fail to keep their users interested. So now the questions are: What you should do to increase the engaging capabilities of apps? While developing new apps what should be avoided? What are the common mistakes? Most precisely there are two kinds of mistakes and they are: Process related mistake Business related mistake

When an app slips up it falls into one of these two categories. Let’s analyze them in more detail.

Process related mistakes

The most conventional process-related mistake is to design the app without fully understanding the business. The app may seem like a good idea but there is no guarantee of making money. The app can also fail if tries to solve a problem which does not exist or if it tries to solve a problem which is not as significant as imagined initially.

Another possibility can be that app tries to solve the problem of someone else’s instead of the user’s problem and the success of the app depends directly on the ability of the app to solve the user’s problem and for the majority of apps, this means providing the values within a couple of days of its release.

Without the full development plan in design, developing an app is another process-related mistake. For example, an entrepreneur briefs an app developer about the idea of the app and the developer does not fully understand the perspective of the client and design the app. Such apps will be flawed and are bound to fail.

Business related mistakes

  1. Delaying app monetization

    Among developers it is a common belief that once their customer base is big they can start monetization. Unfortunately for developers, the bad news is that many apps get stuck before they reach their desired growth.
    Even big brands like Twitter can also suffer in the absence of a rock-solid monetization plan. Despite Twitter’s unquestionable market reputation, they are struggling for generating sustainable profits. So creating a successful app-centred business is even one heck of a challenge for big names.

  2. Leaving the ground too quickly

    Most of the mobile app developers face many ups and downs before they begin to gain traction for their app and product. The road to success can be difficult and many gave up in between calling their product a failure only to see later that a similar app has been nominated as the app of the month on the play store and app store.

There is a very thin line between pursuing the vision and knowing when to stop and it is also very critical for success. According to recent indications, the popularity of apps will continue to increase and consumers will be presented with more ideas which will compete for their attention. Therefore, it is very essential for developers to avoid these common mistakes in order to create apps which have the power to stay in the market.

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