Voice to text conversion

December 17 2012

Small screen of the mobile phones has constantly been a trouble for people, particularly during typing some message or composing an email. Despite of the fact there are thousands of apps available in the industry that let you make a search, write emails or take notes, but it is always troublesome typing the text with the smaller keyboard of the mobile phones. Due to this very reason, most of the people still prefer desktops to carry out such tasks.

What options do you have in such other than having a lack of finger dexterity? Or, think better, as someone has already appeared in the market that may help you. At least, if you feel that speaking in front of the phone is far better than typing on the phone. So here are some apps that will help you converting your voice in text and all you will need to do is to speak, if you want to type anything.

1. Dragon Dictation: very first in the list, and most convenient to use. All required is to tap a button and start talking. Dragon Dictation handles the rest. You may face some troubles in beginning, but once you get used to it, no one can match its usability and you may process lengthy emails and other documents. The app provides highly accurate dictation in 30 different languages. It is a free app for iPhone and iPad and also possesses features like editing and directly posting on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Evernote for Android: the main aim behind introducing Evernote was to keep track of ideas and inspiration, by recording the voice. But now, it arrives with a great feature of converting the recorded voice into text. Unlike Dragon Dictation, it saves both the audio as well as the text document thus you have the original copy with you.

3. Voice Assistance: this is fastest amongst the three and most convenient in posting on Twitter, Facebook or email. It also provides the functionality of auto copy that enables using the transcriptions to other apps such as Google Search, YouTube or Evernote or Pages. The transcriptions can also be sent to a wireless printer. Grammar correction and on-screen editing are few other features of the app.

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