MoneualRydis H67 Pro: The Cleaning Robot – A Review

June 12 2014

If there is any device that is one of the best in floor cleaning, it has to be the MoneualRides H67 Pro. Moneual has always been the best product when it comes to floor cleaning. And yet again they have proven their proficiency with the Rydis H67 Pro. There is no product in vacuum cleaning that matches this one from Moneual. The company has been significantly improving their range of hybrid floor cleaning robots. Still not sure what is there in the all new Rydis H67 Pro? So here comes a brief, unbiased fullestop review of the product.

To meet all your cleaning needs the MoneualRydis H67 Pro is upgraded with meet up both disposable dry mop pads and wet pads. The device can go about cleaning for up to five long hours. The robotic device is smart enough to recognize whether the mop is attached or not. This helps it to avoid carpeted areas and rugs while cleaning. Typical vacuum cleaners come with single sided brushes that do not reach corners and deserted areas. But the Rydis H67 Pro has twin side brushes that make it easy to reach corners of any room and sweep the dust off. The multi suction brush is another effective tool that helps do away with the muck. Just a sweep with the brush and the dust is collected in the vacuum.

The Cleaning Robot - A Review

To brief more about the product here are some technical specifications that will give you more insight on the product. The circular end of the vacuum is about 13.7 inches diameter and 3.4 inches in height. The approximate weight of the vacuum is about 5.9 lbs. Traditional vacuums emit loud noise, whereas the Rydis H67 Pro emits an operating noise of about 70DB maximum. The device comes with a powerful lithium iron phosphate battery. With 600ml of dustbin capacity the vacuum collects quite a lot of muck from your space. There are two modes of mopping one is the cleaning mode and the other driving mode. The cleaning mode speed is 12.6 inches per second, whereas on driving mode the vacuum cleans at a speed of 11.8 inches per second.The battery charging time is about 120 minutes and the batteries are environment friendly.

When it comes to floor mopping this device is a pro.To make your room spotless the vacuum has deep clean and double clean features. The bottom of the vacuum has a microfibre pad which can be cleaned and reused. The vacuum also has an on-board 60z water tankthat helps in mopping. This helps to leave your floor streak free. The vacuum is capable enough to capture and suck dust that is even 0.3 microns in size. The vacuum is also customizable according to your needs. So you can either use it at your work place or at your home. When it comes to price, the MoneualRydis H67 Pro is reasonably positioned at a cost of $399. The vacuum is available for purchase online from the manufacturers store and other leading E-Commerce websites. Recently the vacuum was made available in the US markets.

Warranty is something that most of us consider when purchasing an electronic device and the same goes when purchasing a vacuum cleaner.While the typical vacuum manufacturers provide with a manufacturer warranty of up to 5 months, this product comes with 12 months of the manufacturer warranty. However, one should keep in mind that the manufacturer does not provide warranty if there is any fault caused due to mishandling of the product on your part.

Conclusion: Why waste your time and money on typical vacuum cleaners, when the MoneualRydis H67 Pro does the best cleaning for you? This hybrid cleaning device is surprisingly one of the unmatched in the industry. If your old vacuum has been left out those remote corners, it is time to replace it with the Rydis H67 Pro. With different modes of cleaning this device will leave your floor spotless;and all this at a very reasonable price. Al though the device might not be available in some of the countries, it is soon to hit the markets with a bang.

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