Website’s Calling – 10 Things your Visitors Expect from your Website

Website’s Calling – 10 Things your Visitors Expect from your Website
June 18 2018

Consumers are the real savvier of any business. People put in a lot of time and effort to conduct detailed research before deciding to buy. And the majority of consumer is willing to trust a business that accommodates its own website. A website acts as a personal sales team of a business, it imparts knowledge about the company, its products, services, etc. Simply developing an efficient website position a company as more established and credible. Researchers have found that 6 out of 10 customers expect businesses to have their websites online to make their purchases smoother and more generous.

[Pull Stat] “Of 3,000 people surveyed, 47% said they are more likely to purchase services or products from a small business with a website” - according to a recent Discover Small Business Watch Survey

Getting your viewers glued to your website is that and this can be done only by providing them with the relevant content and eliminating the unwanted matter from your website. Get your notepad and jot down these 10 things a viewer would expect from your website.

Optimize Loading Speed of Your Website

This may sound a bit conspicuous, but technological advancement has made internet users more impatient if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, it’s so sure that the viewer will close your website and will shift to its alternative. So better strive on optimizing the loading speed of your page, so that visitors don’t abandon your page because they got bored of waiting around.

Corner Matters

According to a study by Yahoo, when users visit a website their attention and eye tracking start from the upper left corner of the page and moves further from there. So, basically, this area gets more exposure, try to inculcate the fundamental information in this zone in order to catch the eyeballs.

The Introduction is The Best Impression

As we always say ‘First impression is the last impression’, this phrase really goes well with online business and website overlook. For a better-looking website, one needs to be so sure about what is written in the content and how well that content is a reciprocating business. So, make sure to introduce the business well with a brief and to-the-point value proposition.

Visible Logo

Your logo is the main ingredient of your company’s brand. Your company’s identity is visually expressed by its logo, viewers spend 6 to 7 seconds focused on this area, they search for your logo in order to differentiate between original and fake websites. Make your logo appealing and coherent, it wears your brand and business.


If the company has positive reviews from current viewers, it will help in building the trust factor among the viewers. Studies reveal that 79% of the viewers, trust reviews, and feedback given by other viewers. Infuse feedback and star rating column in your websites to cultivate loyalty towards your company.

Interactive Navigation

Navigation of website should be crisp, intuitive, and easy to use. All the tabs should easily comprehensible because if the navigation is confusing, the visitors might not be able to detect what they are searching for, which will ultimately result in dumping the website and switching to its alternative plus giving a malice appearance to it.

Restrict Text, Amplify Graphics

Develop a website through the perspective of the viewer, covering all the areas where a visitor’s preference would lead. An interactive website with minimal and relevant text generates visitors’ inclination towards the website. Most people don’t read but scan, and scanning becomes easier when more images are used instead of text, 8 out of 10 people quickly take a glimpse of graphics/images to understand what the business is offering, express the company’s motto through graphics to transform the website into even more intractable and graspable.

Cater Users Visiting Through Different Devices

Mobile and tablet users are those chunks of visitors who can’t be ignored while designing your website. Mobile and tablet view is entirely different from that of a desktop version, so it’s important to optimize the web page in order to offer an effective user interface on all devices.

Make Room For Social Media Links

Social media platform is an ideal way to attract the targeted audience. Add social media link buttons on your homepage in a consistent, conventional, and comprehensible manner, so that people can spot them easily. By including social media links, you can commercialize your brand on various platforms aiming for the right audience.

Contact Information

Last but definitely not least, the contact information. The viewers should be able to reach the company after they visit the website, they search for contact information and they expect it somewhere near the header or footer, so always try to place them near it. Contact information should include the company’s email address, phone number and other necessary information respective to your field.

[Pull Stat] “63% of people use the Internet as their first resource when looking for a local service or product”. – according to a 2009 Webvisible/Nielsen study.

Websites are the profile of any business, it takes months or even years to flourish a website, but for viewers is just a matter of seconds, merely less than 5 seconds to decide whether your website is worth their time or not. And an evolving company surely cannot bear the loss of some potential lot of viewers.

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