Social Media Sites for Small Businesses: Go Beyond the Conventional

Social Media Sites for Small Businesses: Go Beyond the Conventional
April 21 2016

Just like other businesses you must have tried to tap into the power of most famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest in order to increase the organic reach of your brand. These networks beyond a doubt are great in doing what they claim to do but there are other networks as well which can help you in reaching your audiences and if you haven’t consider them before now may be the time to do so.

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Quora is basically conversational in nature and due to this many don’t consider this as a social platform. While for most of them it is highly disadvantageous to others it is high opportunities didn’t they said “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.
With Quora users submit their question for others to answer which seems pretty basic, right! But what if you want have a question and you want it answered by someone who is already discussing about this and knows about the topic. Businesses on other platforms have very rare chance of delivering answers in person because those networks are based on mass publishing. By doing so on Quora, businesses can leverage themselves and can drive back the traffic to their site.
Not bad in return for a simple question.



Snapchat has somewhere about 100 million active users each month. It is very popular among millennial generation for quick interaction with friends and brands in terms of pictures and videos. It is also used for publishing quick tips and tutorials for consumers.
For small businesses, the platform is one of the easiest ways to reach the targeted audience. Snaps can be used for two way communication where businesses can post the snap of their latest product asking for reviews and consumers can respond to it by live snaps. Consumers and followers can also ask questions which businesses can answers with quick snaps.


Popular as instagram for video, vine allows users to record six-second video clips. Through video users can express a lot more than they can through pictures. Businesses are very quickly adopting this platform to educate their customers and to promote their products.
The best thing is that there is no high tech equipment needed for this so, businesses can easily record vines through their smart phones and can get creative.

Yik Yak

It is a location bases app which allows its users to write anonymous posts for the user in the same geographical area. It is highly popular with college students and local businesses. Local businesses are using this app to tap into their potential customer and learn more about their preferences.

Since posts on Yik yak are anonymous, instead of promoting the business use yik yak for story telling in order to form deeper connection with the consumers.

All these social networks are worth tapping into. They may not be as powerful as other social platforms but if used properly can give you the same results which you were hoping to gain from those network giants. Put your efforts in them and pay off can be very big exactly the one you were hoping for.

Table of Contents

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