The Psychology of Web Design: Creating Websites That Influence People

The Psychology of Web Design: Creating Websites That Influence People
April 04 2016

Every day hundreds of websites go live. Some of them uses world class infrastructure, some are built on cutting edge technology, and some are built by premium companies which specializes in making and deploying websites. Many new technologies and frameworks have born since the day, the first website went live and today it is nothing like the old days. But one thing still remains the same in spite of all the advancement and that is to attract user.

All these technologies were built to make the user experience smooth and streamlined but as the technology advances and become complex the user also become more complex. Now they have various and vast needs and demands and just visiting the site is no longer enough. They need reasons to stay there and to visit it back. And with smart devices new variables were introduced into the equation and the game is no longer about the experience more essentially it is about the experience on various devices and yes, information is still very important. Quality content is mandatory.

Below are some guidelines to help designers to make websites which truly matter to the customer.


  1. Designer must design the website with clever layout so that they can guide the user in the direction they want to or take their focus to important points rather than the trivial and obvious.
  2. According to the study most humans scan the text in Z shape rather going through the entire content. This shows that essential and important information must be presented at the top-left, middle and bottom right of the screen.
  3. Proper use of space makes the reading and scanning simple and it also reduces the clutter on the screen. By using the space n proper manner you can help the user to locate the information quickly.
  4. By using the minimalistic design the complex designs can be converted to simple and the space on the screen can be utilized for the content rather than for the design elements.


  1. Colors are admired by all genders equally and can be used in the context of the information.
  2. Blue is admired by both men and women and is a symbol of trust and loyalty. It is used by social networks.
  3. Green is the color of nature and can be used for the buttons to induce the call to action behavior.
  4. Black implies luxury. In fact many websites are made beautifully by using the black and white color only.


  1. Typeface establishes the tone of writing. Depending upon the information and message many typefaces can be used to help users to read the content with required degree of concentration.
  2. Serif Fonts are the symbol of heritage and reflects authority.
  3. Sans-Serif Fonts represent clean and modern design and are used by many IT companies.
  4. Comic sans should not be used unless your information is intended for the children’s to read.

Earning trust

  1. Every page must have a clear purpose of existence. pages should be there for the sake of information not for the sake of pages.
  2. Add reasonable security to the site so that user data can remain safe with you or some notorious do not cause issues in the functionality.
  3. Your contact information must be available on the website.


  1. Show images related to the content or related to central idea to make your point strong.
  2. Emotional content attracts and invoke actions like sharing. So make the content personal to the user just like it is for them only.


  1. By keeping the content and design consistent you will help the user in understanding your vision and motto as they will be able to focus rather than figuring out the complexities.
  2. Overall them must be consistent whether it is design theme or color theme.
  3. Make the navigation intuitive and simple. Experiments are good but don’t make things more innovative than they need to be. Think from user perspective who is not a computer graduate.

Private Information

  1. Focus on providing the services which are essential for the users. A recent survey shows that many users choose to save their photos on their device instead of opting for the cloud storage.
  2. If you asking for user personal information then keep it safe with you. Don’t sell the information for money.

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