Website Redesign

May 05 2014

#Part-2: Have you given a thought to website Redesign? If not, it is not too late..

Web Design

We all know that “Change is Inevitable” and we should adapt/change according to the situations put forward. If not, we won’t be the part of evolution as Darwin mentions. This rule is followed everywhere to the word. Even in the World Wide Web, you have to keep pace with the latest trends and techniques else your sales will fall flat.

Keeping in mind the same we produced the first part of our series on Website Redesign and we dearly hope that you all got benefited from it. Now, we are ready with the next and the final part of the series. Till now we have covered four essential reasons as to why should you think of redesigning your website; they are given as follows:-

  1. Implementing Latest Techniques
  2. Keeping Pace with the Latest Trends
  3. Google Requirements from You
  4. Giving the Customers Something New

The above-mentioned points form the platform for a newly designed website. We will now discuss some more reasons for a website redesign:

#5 – A reason to initiate Communication

It has been quite a while you haven’t contacted your old customers, what can be a good reason to contact with them? Yes, Website Redesign! Sending your customers emails stating that you have changed the look and feel of the website and added new items in the inventory, can really revitalize both your relationship with those customers as well as your sales.


You can always write press releases to gain new audiences in your domain. There is this human tendency to get attracted towards something new and it will always pay off. By website redesign you can rejuvenate your social media timelines. This move will particularly be beneficial for your brand re-engagement as well as gauging new turnouts.

The reason behind this conversation is to get in touch with the people who already believed in you once. You try to win them back both in terms of activity and sales with something new.

#6 – Gives You a Chance to Earn New Links

We all know that link building is a thing of the past. Previously, many web owners use to prefer purchasing links, but history clearly reveals that Google doesn’t like that.  Instead it is punishable. So, how to get new quality links? A renovated website can be one of the methods to earn some good links.


People can link you if they feel you have done something good with the design. You can also showcase your website of different design/CSS galleries but refrain yourself no to overdo this.

A great design will attract many new generic & organic links which will help to rejuvenate your link profile. This will help you to land in the good books of Google as the search engine loves when people get vouched naturally for something good.

#7 – Chances of Improved Conversions

When people see something new, they tend to dig deep to find something they like and the chances of sales/conversions increase rapidly. Most of the marketing organizations heavily depend upon this principle of serving something new/unique/different to their target customers. We did some research ourselves and found that an updated web design can increase conversions fourfold.


It is as simple as it gets; my chances of buying a particular thing increases if it pleases my eye. Along with this, I would also be intended to spend more time reading and knowing more about the thing I like to see and eventually I will buy it. No rocket science! Isn’t it?

So a rejuvenated design calls to increased conversion rates and that too naturally!

#8 – Everyone is Going Mobile

We are sure many of you might have heard about Google’s hummingbird update. The update was focused on the humanizing search by adding support to voice search on the mobile devices. It’s been quite a while since mobile devices have been in the foray but since past two years they have been the source of the bulk of traffic to the website. A study by the smart insights team proves that mobile marketing is pretty much a growing trend.

Going Mobile

Mobile Commerce Data by Google (Image Credits)

Google’s mobile commerce report assessed how US consumers did the research on the things they want to buy. The report clearly shows that mobile search was the first step to their hunt for a particular thing. Also, a report from comScore revealed that mobile retail outscores the pc growth rate and mobile audience in UK for Amazon increases by 87%.


Mobile Retail Outscores PC Growth Rate (Image Credits)

In a nutshell, people who are stuck in the past and not redesigning their website are missing an opportunity to get the edge over their competitors. There is a huge potential in the World Wide Web and what it can do for you, it’s just that you have to follow the Darwin’s theory of Evolution.