5 Things Customers Want to See on an E-commerce Portal Before Buying?

5 Things Customers Want to See on an E-commerce Portal Before Buying?
June 25 2018

Even after successfully established an e-commerce platform that is garnished with an amazing collection of products, one can never be a 100% sure that the portal is ready for its customers? Many online business owners don’t seem to get the kind of conversion rate that they expect from their portals. This issue can be comprehended clearly when looked upon from a customer’s point of view. When they visit a particular platform, there are certain fundamental elements that they expect as an e-commerce solution to their problems. So let’s delve further into what these customers want to see on your E-commerce portal.

1. Professional Impression

Show your e-commerce customers that you are a real company that employs everything that a physical business entails. For example, developing a contact page through which people can get in touch with you any time of the day or including a service section that provides information like FAQs, return policy, reward points, etc. It is not important to aggrandize your e-commerce platform, but it is crucial that you must encompass all the relevant information regarding the trade.

2. Speed Up the Load Time

If you think that a couple of seconds doesn’t matter then welcome to the online world, where even a millisecond can change the game for you. Therefore, a website’s loading time is a prominent factor for visitors to decide whether they want to continue their journey with you. In fact, studies show that a 4-second delay in page loading can increase the chances of abandonment by 25%. Visitors either turn to another e-commerce solution or simply close the tab. You can mention here in one line that there are many ways to increase page load time like saving cache, etc (check ways online).

3. Visually Appealing E-commerce Platform

Would you want to shop at a mismanaged and unorganized store? No right, this is why visual appearance should be due importance. The designing of your e-commerce platform is vital because if your site is not visually appealing, the visitor may opt to click out of it. Don’t opt for complicated navigations and themes; people will rather click away from your site than spend time figuring their way around. A website should look clean, easy to navigate, and creative to the eye.
“The users generally make purchase decisions merely after spending three seconds on your website, so the first impression here is everything.”

4. Social Media Connectivity

Social media is a free promotional channel that every e-commerce platform should leverage. While published ads might cost you, this investment will give you guaranteed results. And if you want to be successful in this arena, you have to come up with interesting and impeccably strong content that makes people want to follow you. If you accomplish to do that, you will have a great marketing channel with almost no cost.

5. Authentic Customer Review

What your e-commerce customers say about you sounds more convincing than what you are so eloquently trying to tell your audience. Therefore, you must have real and authentic customer testimonials on your sites. To make your testimonials more impactful, create a video that allows sharing their experience with you. If you have been featured in a media channel or press release, then that’s another way to position your e-commerce solution in a positive limelight.

While shopping online customers look for an organized, personalized, and secure experience, and an efficient e-commerce solution delivers that. The users make their decision within a span of seconds, therefore it is essential to make their every second count.

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