Tips to Choose Right Technology Stack for the Website

Tips to Choose Right Technology Stack for the Website
June 29 2018

In the dominion of web development, it is paramount to opt for the right tech stack primarily because it is the foundation of the company’s application system. And, without a staunch footing, the web app will not function with its utmost efficiency. There are several technologies to pick from and there are numerous facets that need to be evaluated to ensure that the company has selected the aptest technology slack for its application. Below are a few constructive aspects to analyze before buying a technology stack for web development.

The Requirement of the Web Application Project

When selecting technology stack for web development, the type of development is the primary thing that needs to be considered. For example, when developing a simple information-only website, there are fewer requirements of the tool, whereas, for a fully-functional e-commerce platform solution, the tool requirement naturally increases because of the complexity of the development process. Additionally, the expected traffic rate, images, and videos sever and load balancing technologies, etc. are also some important evaluation aspects to determine the requirements of the web development and consecutively help in measuring the type of technology stack.

Prefer Open-Source Technologies

It is recommended to opt for open-source solutions when developing software because this way there would be no need to work from the scratch, thus saving a lot of time. It is also considered more of a secure option. Once you have selected a particular tech slack, scrutinize it thoroughly to ensure it adheres to all the fundamental elements. The type of license, a framework that comes with required features, analyzing the Github history and stars, easy to understand code, comprehensive documentation to ensure security, etc. are some of the key factors that must be checked upon by the company.

The Budget Benchmark

Other than paying for the technology to build the stack, the company will also be paying the team of developers who are going to write the codes. For more advanced code, more qualified developers would be required and hence more will be the overall cost. Higher cost doesn’t mean that one should comprise the quality of the project. In fact, companies must use only high-quality programming languages, servers, and database for the particular solution. As for saving money, investing in a dedicated team that has the experience of working with requirement technology. Then a company only need to reimburse money for the time needed to complete the project. And once it is released the team can be reduced to merely support and maintenance employees.

The Expertise of the Development Team

Expertise level of the development team on working with different technology stack is a crucial factor to think upon. The task isn’t completed merely by getting a tech stack; rather the actual job starts after that. It is evident that developers may deal with setbacks when developing codes and in order to find prolific solutions, utmost expertise is required because the project typically runs on a deadline thus; work has to be executed without wasting any precious time. Therefore, a web tech stack should have a large developer community along with comprehensive and thorough documentation. Additionally, ensure that the stack is easy to test because certain technologies need Test Driven Development (TDD) where first testing is done then the team gets to the coding process. It is done in order to assure the quality and speed of the project.

The Degree of Scalability

Scalability entails the ability of website or app to handle the workload. As the number of work piles up, the app must have the ability to handle the growth. Therefore, it is vital to select a tech slack that will accommodate future development and advancement of the application irrespective of horizontal or vertical growth. Horizontal dimensions entail that product is run on numerous servers simultaneously to handle traffic influx. Whereas in the vertical dimension, more products can be installed to sustain project from collapsing in the future.

These were some of the significant factors that companies must consider while selecting a technology stack. It all starts with understanding the project and its primary requirement and then comparing different technologies to choose the one that complements those requirements with utmost efficiency.