Thinking Mobile First is the Key to Success

Thinking Mobile First is the Key to Success
April 27 2016

Many startups and Big Companies get the mobile wrong and this is the primary reason why mobile commerce is the worst experience on mobile, but in spite of the fact it is still growing at huge pace. Despite having the bad experience on mobile, people are still buying the stuff and shopping endlessly on mobile. Most of the customers are coming to businesses via mobile and this case applies to everyone from consumer apps to enterprise apps and technologies.

Responsive design and app: You are doing it the wrong way

Few sharp words but use them as an eye opener: Responsive design and having an app is not the solution for the mobile platform, it’s not good enough and it is plain wrong in simple and concrete terms.

Being mobile friendly means thinking only about mobile from the ground up and it strictly doesn’t mean that you just figured out what to remove from the desktop version of the site.
Mobile-first means thinking about your brands in terms of mobile screens, how to best represent the brand on the mobile screen and then coming with the best possible design solution for the case.

After that you think if it makes sense to have an app or not and then finally think about how to expand the same brand to the desktop which must be the last step.

Mobile First is the Key to Success

Below are some tips to make your mobile website awesome

  1. Brand: The user experience on mobile is very compressed therefore one has to start by thinking about how one can communicate the brand on mobile to the users? Logo, color, fonts — whatever it is must breathe life into your customer experience so that they can remember you and visit back.

  2. Scroll: Entire site must be scroll friendly. Organization of the information must be, so that most information covers the top and it gradually decreases as consumer moves downwards. Don’t be afraid to stack the things on top of each other. On mobile people scroll when they are looking for more information. Don’t just try to over-fit everything so that users don’t have to scroll.

  3. Copy, fonts, images and menu: Focus on making the copy tight and shiny by using the branded fonts and by making the text little larger so that people can read it easily. Try using less text and more images.
    People loves images and clicking them so make sure that images are linked to where you want to take your consumers. A standard menu is a best choice for mobile screen. Place it on the top left corner of the screen because most of the users are left handed they won’t click on it accidently.

  4. Test, measure and optimize: In order to test quickly your site the best way is to shrink the window of the browser on desktop or you can use latest Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox version which have in-built mobile screen simulator which is comes pre-loaded with various devices screen size. You can track the clicks using analytics software. Keep iterating the procedure for mobile until the conversion is healthy. One thing to be noticed here is that since mobile contains less than the desktop, you will be able to optimize it a lot faster.

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