Story Telling: Key Web Design Element Not To Be Ignored

Story Telling: Key Web Design Element Not To Be Ignored
April 26 2016

Stories have always been very powerful when it comes to teaching certain moral values to the people. They have always remained the same since ancient times. In those days, they were passed from person to person and then from generation to generation. Later the methodology of writing down was invented and stories were duplicated so they can be available to the masses.Stories have always been a powerful tool when it comes to communication and storytelling helps in engaging the people and make them listen what one has to say.

Below are given some ways of incorporating storytelling in web design so that one can communicate the messages effectively.


Images have the power to wrap your story into visuals; as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Even people prefer images over text because visual information is much easier to process and can be remembered for a long time very easily. Images make the visit of the consumer-pleasant and convenient. So, if you can wrap the essentials into the images then do it.


Illustrations are also very powerful as they have the ability to combine different elements into one single entity namely images and text. Illustrations can also be used to tell the story at different points in time. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to creating custom visuals for storytelling.

Background images

They are also very effective when it comes to story-telling and they have the power to assume various roles. They can be very quiet and subtle in the background or they can also add a feeling of depth to your design. However, this largely depends on which image you choose and what you wish to convey from the image.


One element of every story is a certain character. This character either tells the story in the third person or assumes an active role in the story. Mascots are great when it comes to the personalization of the character of the story. They help in making the story more personal and authentic.


Words are just as powerful as images and here we are talking about any words which appear on your website and this can vary from the navigation menu to the content you present. Every single word is important in the story and only if you have thought about the story beforehand you can be consistent in communication.


Personality is one important aspect of web design as it helps you to be real and allows you to connect with site visitors. This makes all the difference when people decide to choose between websites and services. Personality also helps in telling a story about yourself, your company and its goals.

Parallax scrolling

It’s a new approach in web design which allows designers to show different layers of design and these layers respond differently as per the scrolling behaviour of the site visitor. It allows the designer to create depth on a 2D screen. One can engage the user, draw them in and guide them through the story very easily.

These are some ways to incorporate the story in web design and one can choose anyone according to their own needs and suitability.