TOP UI Design Trends to Look For in the Year 2018

TOP UI Design Trends to Look For in the Year 2018
August 21 2018

Technology is advancing rapidly and when it comes to advances in web designing, there is never a dull moment in the growing trends. UI designs are especially and constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-growing demands of the diverse market. While some trends fail to make an impact in the market, some only get stronger with time. However before delving into the latest UI designs of 2018, let’s understand why an effective user interface has become imperative for websites and applications.

Why invest in the latest UI Trends?

User interface designs aren’t merely to satisfy the visual appeal requirements of the users but also to provide them with exceptional usability. Here are some of the essential reasons that drive companies to keep up with the UI design trends:-

  1. Making A Lasting First Impression

    A poorly designed interface or complex navigation can directly impact the incoming traffic and leave a bad impression on the users. This is one of the fundamental reasons why companies invest in intelligent UI designs that can deliver productive and cutting-edge interfaces.

  2. Presenting Content in the Right Manner

    It is evident that when it comes to addressing users’ requirements, clear communication between users and the business is of paramount importance. A stable user interface ensures that content on the website is presented in an organized manner. This allows users to get the information they are looking for without too much of navigation, thus increasing the website’s credibility.

  3. Visual Communication is Important

    The colour scheme, branding, layout, tab and button placement, typography, white space, graphics and tons of other designing aspects determine how effectively a website or an application communicates visually with the users. The aesthetic is the very first thing the users come across when they click on the site or application, and it is imperative that the interface captures their attention right from the word go.

    [Pull Quote]- “Visitors respond to a design in one of these three words- Yes, No, or Wow! A designer should always aim to achieve the Wow!”

  4. Functionality

    In the end, all the hard work of developing a creative UI design goes in vain if the functionalities of a web page or application are not up to the mark. Two aspects, i.e., usability and functionality are crucial for the short-term as well as the long-term success of a website. And, the fact that these two elements are the foundation of great UI makes it an undeniable part of web development.

    [Pull Stat]- “As per Google research, 26% of the installed applications are not used more than once and the main reason behind this is poor quality UI.”

Top UI Trends of 2018

The year 2018 brought some great UI design trends that further advance the development process. Here are a few website UI trends to watch out for this year.

  1. Typography

    Big headlines and fonts combined with smooth animation are one of the biggest user interface designs this year. It makes the website look aesthetically appealing without excessive content.

  2. Overlapping Effects

    Overlapping of different elements including fonts, graphics, colours, etc. makes the user interface more vibrant and appealing. In 2018, a great number of designers embraced this UI trend in various ways to make their designs more imposing.

  3. Custom Illustration

    Custom illustration is getting popular with each passing year, primarily because of how it effortlessly converts an average-looking application design into an extraordinary one.  From simple paper cut style to dainty handwriting style there are extensive options for designers to experiment with. The illustration was a huge trend in 2017 and it is only going to be a greater one this year.

  4. Videos

    Video content has been in trend for the past few years and has become more important than texts and images. Videos are easy to share with friends and that is why they get viral quickly. Unique videos that complement the website or application are the perfect addition to the design and attract visitors better. Therefore, designers are increasingly focusing on including innovative videos that to a great extent because the primary voice of the web application.

  5. WebGL

    WebGL basically is a JavaScript-based library that offers 3D graphics.  This helps designers by helping them design captivatingly interactive websites and applications for visitors. This is another UI trend that has been very popular lately amongst designers.

  6. Voice-activated Interfaces

    Similar to Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa, 2018 will be seeing more such voice-activated interfaces. It enables users to launch the app based on voice commands, hence eliminating the need of typing any passwords or clicking any buttons. While the adoption of VA is still at its initial stage, it is evidently a booming trend in the web designing sphere.

Presently, there is a hoard of UI trends in the market; unfortunately, there are only selected ones that make an impact. These above-mentioned UI trends are amongst the unique trends that are reshaping the web designing domain with each passing year. As businesses across the world struggle to keep up with the demands of the modern consumer, these are a few prolific trends in UI that can help websites and mobile applications achieve their objectives in an effective manner.

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