UX and UI-Trends To Watch For in 2023

UX and UI-Trends To Watch For in 2023
March 27 2019

Technology is changing rapidly and digital products are becoming more and more complex. In 2018, most digital products were centred on mobile UI design. This year, it will be the context that will be the kingmaker. There will also be an emphasis on complex visuals and illustrations that will drive more web interactions. So what are the key UX and UI trends to watch for in 2023?

1. More powerful browsers

There has been a dramatic improvement in the performance of our browsers. For example, Mozilla’s new compiler is 10-15 times more powerful than its earlier avatar. So how will it affect modern design? As browsers improvise their performances, new standards will be set in fragment depth, vertex array objects and 3D texture and object rendering. Many design experts believe that this will bridge the gap between concept and reality.

2. Evolution in motion design

In 2023, expect to see purposeful animation and more of it. Since 2018, motion design has evolved significantly and it will change even more because of enhanced browser capabilities. Purposeful animation will help brands gain traction among consumers at a deeper level and also retain it. Customer engagement reaches a new height in 2023 thanks to this evolution. However, there is a word of advice here: don’t go for animation with reckless abandon. While designing your animation, think about your customer. Would your design help him or she engage with your brand? Remember that your design can be perceived very differently by your potential customer.

3. Unique Illustrations

Having just a logo is not enough; having a unique one is super-critical for your business. A logo is not just an illustration; it should have design elements that tell the story of your business. Superiorly crafted designs and illustrations simplify complex ideas and help consumers understand your business. 2023 promises to be a year when businesses can come up with unique illustrations.

4. Deep Flat

While 3-D designs have been around for some time, many designers avoided them because of performance issues and their complexity. As browsers become more powerful, expect to see more 3-D designs on websites. Finally, flat designs will give way to Deep Flat making product explanations simpler and deeper. The New Flat will work primarily because of the shadow effect and the positioning of light. Expect greater consumer engagement in 2023 thanks to improved 3-D designs.

5. Spark emotions

Modern technologies can only help you create illustrations, animations etc and not more. To build a staunch clientele, your designs must spark some emotion inside their psyche. Expect to see a lot of campaigns having a vanguard or surreal look in 2023. Small companies will always come up with something that sparks some emotion. It can be joy, unease, rebellion etc. Fortunately, small businesses won’t have to spend a bomb to create a flutter within their customers’ minds. There is a caveat though; such campaigns won’t work for organizations having a large customer base. These companies should create designs that are neutral.

6. Vibrant colours, Gradient 2.0 and dark backgrounds

People getting more optimistic in 2023, and expect to see several designs sporting vibrant colours but on a darker background. There will be more combined colours this year which will add to the colour palette.

Improved technology and aesthetics will define the 2023 UX and UI trends. Expect to see greater consumer engagement this year thanks to improved UI and UX practices.

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