Big Data, Predictive Analytics: Transforming Advertising Industries

Big Data, Predictive Analytics: Transforming Advertising Industries
May 03 2019

Big data has been transforming many industries since its inception. Assisting organizations in harnessing their data, Big Data analytics is used to explore new opportunities and future prospects of the business. Big Data analytics is basically a procedure of examining a large amount of data sourced out from a business and its customers on a daily basis. It is also an efficient business tool that is counted among the category of predictive analytics solutions and it is widely used by businesses to expedite their productivity. By acquiring better insights on customer data and business operations, Big Data has enabled organizations to reach greater heights in terms of productivity and wider reach.

Why Big Data?

Big Data is assisting businesses in analyzing the infinite amount of data collected from different sources and rightly extracting insights that can further guide in making strategic decisions for the business. Since its integration into the digital sphere, Big Data has grown to become a revolution in the domain of information technology. The use of Big Data, and predictive analytics is increasing every year, as more businesses are embracing this technology to leverage their growth potential.

What Does Advertising Industry Get From Big Data?

Owing to its multitudinous benefits, a majority of businesses around the world have already adopted this transforming technology to reap better revenue and customer engagement. Big Data has flourished into a potent business tool to harness business operations with an infinite amount of data. One such industry that is utilizing the benefits of Big Data and witnessing maximum results in terms of productivity and better reach is the advertising industry. The predictive analytics marketing used in the advertising industry has bridged the communication gap between advertisers and consumers.

How Customer Data is Used?

Living in a digitally dominated space, every move on the internet is being tracked and analysed. An infinite amount of data is generated via Facebook, website visits, videos watched, photos liked, comments made, tweets, search history and many such internet elements that are captured within the database for further processing. The data extracted from different platforms is segregated into sections that conjointly help in creating insights regarding customer habits and responses. Business organizations require such data to plan and make efficient advertising and marketing strategies to identify potent customers for their brand.

What is Big Data For Advertisers?

When the data becomes ubiquitous, the demand for smart segregation becomes necessary as there might be some irrelevant data that needs to be flushed out. Predictive analytics solutions have enabled advertisers to locate prospective customers and determine online behaviour that would further help them to create strong and personalised advertising strategies. Big data and predictive analytics has made advertising and marketing much simpler for entrepreneurs by empowering their brand to target, extract, deliver and stimulate efficient advertising and marketing campaign.

Stay Ahead in The Game And Adopt Big Data, Predictive Analytics

Owing to the advancement in technologies over the past few decades, Big Data or predictive analytics solutions have enabled advertisers to go beyond marketing their brand. It assists advertisers in analyzing and optimizing the demand of each customer and further turns them into prospective clients or brand advocates. With a drastic change in technologies, customer habits have evolved over time and predictive analytics marketing has made it easier for businesses to track and interpret those habits and deploy strategies accordingly.

Every click on social media and business websites is being tracked by analytics solutions in order to gain better insights regarding customer demand and provide them with the best services. The growing need for productive insights regarding customer behaviour has significantly surged the need for Big Data, and predictive analytics.

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