How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Platform for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Platform for Your Business
May 16 2018

With shoppers being conferred with personalized and comfortable shopping options, online retailing sure has seen an extensive growth. If you too wish to tap into the potential earnings, an e-commerce platform is a must, and this stands true for almost every retail business out there. With the decision to build one for your business, you will come across a hoard of e-commerce platforms, which is bound to leave you confounded. However, we are here to guide you on how to select the best e-commerce platform to streamline your business on a global scale.

Hassle-free User Experience

While with e-commerce platforms, you don’t need a salesperson assisting shoppers in every lane of the store, you still need to provide your customers with the necessary personalized experience. You will require a dedicated backend team that will ensure that everything at the front end works optimally. This primarily aims at availing the best shopping experience to the audience belonging to diverse locations. So, your e-commerce platform should be capable of offering multi-user capabilities in a cost-effective range.

Broader Payment Options

If yours is an e-commerce business operating in different parts of the globe, you must accord your users with multiple payment options so that people from different countries can transact in their respective currencies hassle-free. For this, you have to understand your target audience and accordingly survey the payment gateway options of different e-commerce platforms. For example, Shopify only has PayPal as its default payment option, but it also supports other options like Stripe, 2CheckOut, Amazon Payment, etc. While the distinct options may seem overwhelming, you must select the platform that integrates payment options complementing your business requirements.

Sealed with Security

Cybercrime is elevating at a concerning rate and online enterprises tend to be more vulnerable to these crimes. Your website will contain substantial private data of your users like address, phone number, debit/credit card details, etc. Being an online seller it is solely your responsibility to safeguard the privacy of your users. It is paramount you select the best e-commerce platform that accords you with maximum security by connecting you to an SSL-certified vendor or by providing you with an HTTPS site.

Top E-commerce Platform to Market your Business

Marketing is absolutely essential for the growth of your business. Inevitably, the e-commerce platform that you obtain must be able to satisfy your marketing strategies. The platform should offer options like integration with social media networks, adding a blog, SEO features, email marketing, etc. Look for a platform that fulfils most of your marketing needs and allows you to grow effortlessly.

Web Hosting Plans; Hosted or Self Hosted?

A web hosting plan is a vital factor while considering your options for an e-commerce website. A self-hosted plan allows you to create a store on your existing website. So, if you need complete control of the online store, then you should opt for a self-hosted solution. A hosted e-commerce plan, on the other hand, offers you an array of options like the website, domain, shopping cart, etc. on their space without any maintenance. You can choose either of them, depending if you require to build a website from scratch or just need an online store attached to your website.

When selecting the best e-commerce platform, make every decision from a user’s point of view. This will allow you to extend the best shopping experience to the users and exhibit your company as a valuable brand in the market.