Top Mobile App UI Design Trends That Are Ruling 2020

Top Mobile App UI Design Trends That Are Ruling 2020
May 05 2020

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

Make sure your app offers a stunning experience to its first-time users!

The mobile app’s visual appearance and user-friendliness have a significant impact on the user’s connection with the brand and the UX. With the constant evolution of customer tastes, technologies, and business perspectives, it is necessary for businesses to follow the market trends and frequently adapt to them.

Netflix and Uber apps are the perfect examples of user interfaces that are being loved by today’s internet users.

So what is it that makes for a great app interface design? Here, we discuss the top 4 trends and tips in mobile app UI design that are winning the design game this year:

#1 Usability of Applications

If you have been noticing, UI designs and user experience are taking the centre stage. In 2020, smooth-functioning and user-friendly app design has become an integral part of providing an aesthetically pleasing user experience. An adaptive and minimalistic UI ensures that the customer focuses on what your products are and not how unbalanced the app design is. Simply put, a UI defines the usability of the application and has the power to convert potential visitors to buyers by facilitating interactions between the user and the application.

With well-crafted call-to-action buttons and eye-pleasing visual elements are becoming a clear favourite amongst UI designers as they seem to encourage immediate user response.

#2 Storytelling & Personalization

Nowadays, netizens are consciously interacting more with brands that are aligned with their personal philosophies in some way. Therefore, one shouldn’t underestimate the power of storytelling. Weaving a story of the brand helps build a deeper connection with customers. When backed by unique and personalized experiences, it can prove instrumental in building lasting relationships with the users.

Well-thought animations, apt imagery, distinguished typography, and engaging text can all enliven the story of your brand on the app while delivering a unique experience to your customers.

#3 Minimalistic Simple Designs

With a massive clutter of information everywhere, de-cluttered spaces are what more and more users are seeking.

White or neutral colour base, hidden navigation panels and taskbars, and simplified functionality are grabbing more attention from the users.

A fully-intuitive liquid swipe is one of the top mobile app design trends being adopted by companies at the moment.

#4 Stellar 3D Animation & Graphics

3D animation has been around the block for quite some time now. However, continuous grooming has just notched up its sophistication level making it one of the favourite app design elements for the developer to play with. Even for users, stunning aesthetics can amp up their overall experience of the app, many times convincing them to recommend your app to their family and friends.

Smooth zoom in and out the transition, captivating visual appeal, parallax effect, etc., are many ways to seamlessly incorporate simplified yet effective 3D graphics and animation in your mobile UI.


All the 2020 mobile app UI design trends indicate a radical shift from a system-focused to a customer-centric design approach for mobile apps. With the user attention span getting lesser and lesser, businesses must come up with clear, precise, personalized, and functional designs to attract and retain their customers.

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