iOS or Android App development: Which platform should startups choose?

When the entire concept of the startup is to execute an idea which innovates human life and makes things easier than how can you ignore the essential component of today’s time; a smartphone. Smartphones and apps have captivated our lives. Rather for businesses, it is an essential ingredient for success now. But which platform to start with is such a grave question that brings all heads down. The majority say that building an iOS app first is a move with longer advantages whereas recent statistics reveal that global market share of Android is 86.1% and of iOS is 13.7%. Confused? Well, it is definitely not easy to take a call. Come, let’s see some important logics and grounds related to it.

Target audience: This is the first and foremost ground to consider while deciding the app platform of your startup. The age, behavioural patterns, geographical locations, incomes, spending capabilities etc of your target audience should be carefully analysed before moving ahead with the development process. Some of the researched facts are; the Android devices are more liked by low and medium income groups while opulent category people are fond of iPhones. Androids are more popular in developing regions of the world and iPhones have their mark in developed regions like US, Europe. Olds are comfortable with Android phones while youth want iOS for style and happiness.

Budget: While startups are often on limited timeframes and shoestring budgets, it is intelligent to analyse a number of resources required by the app development process. If you are restricted on time and money then go for iOS development process because the development time here is lower and thereby the cost is also less. Android apps generally demand for extra time and money for its development and deployment over a spectrum of gadgets.

App revenue model: Return on investment has always been a major concern of businesses irrespective of its type and size. As Apple mostly has purchase apps while Android support ad-supported apps, it is relevant that overall revenue of iOS apps are higher than compared to Android apps.

All in all, theses above criteria are must evaluate to make a final decision for the platform of your new app. The other technical factors can also be considered depending on your choice. Our general advice is to start with iOS apps. For companies that have enough resources can work on both the platforms simultaneously but here again, we would say that expert your services with one platform first and then target another platform for bigger traffic and user base.