Optimize Your Google Shopping Feed For Better Ecommerce Success

Optimize Your Google Shopping Feed For Better Ecommerce Success
April 03 2019

When it comes to online shopping, Google used to be a primary tool for people to look out for their favourite items. With the inclusion of several e-commerce search engines like Amazon, Google is gradually being sidelined by users worldwide. According to a recent market study, 47% of American internet users prefer to search for their desired product on Amazon, whereas, 35% still rely on Google searches, leaving some scope for claiming back its prominence in the shopping feeds.

Google Shopping Feed

Google shopping campaigns are quite different from regular search campaigns in every sense. In search campaigns, search advertisers rely on keywords and further determine which search keywords trigger their text ads the most. Shopping advertisers, on the other hand, do not use keywords, instead, Google crawls over advertisers’ websites and other online feeds in order to determine the relevance of ads according to the search query. Google shopping feed is basically a regular spreadsheet describing and segregating the catalogue of products that further makes it easier for Google to crawl and index the required information. It is important to ascertain the elements of Google shopping Feed in order to optimize it efficiently. Following are some quick tips to tweak your feed to increase the relevance of your ads.

Product Title

The blue hyperlink text appearing at the top of your shopping ad is your product title. In order to optimize the shopping feed, it is essential to prioritize the product title that catches the attention of the crawler. Search for a target keyword that has maximum searches and put it as initial to the title. Product title is basically analogous to a web page title when Google searches for relevant results, it focuses on titles first. So, make it as reachable as possible.

Product Image

The product image is the identity of a product that makes it appealing to the eyes of viewers. Nobody wants to search for their desired product and find a less appealing image that will immediately turn down their purchase intention. Product images are more about gaining the attention of consumers’ eyes than communicating their relevance to Google. Make it appealing without using any watermarks, texts or logos.

Product Category and Type

The product category is not something that will show up on the front-faced information, it is more of a backend attribute that helps Google while populating shopping search results. Select an appropriate category for the product from Google’s Product Taxonomy or GPT in order to make respective products eligible for a shopping feed. Be more specific with categories. Understand the product, analyse the target audience and categorize the product properly. Unlike product categories, mentioning the product title is optional, it is certainly a great chance to portray your product even better. This particular attribute is important for those who sell niche products.

Product Description

A product description is a piece of crisp information regarding the product appearing right below the title and adjacent to the image. It is important to keep the product description relevant and brief in order for Google to search for keywords in the description during crawling. Do not stuff keywords in order to gain traction, be detailed and thorough without being spammy.

Optimize Google Shopping Feed

It is often noticed that advertisers ignore the crucial aspect of optimizing Google Shopping Feed because they find it difficult to optimize Google shopping campaigns. If past figures are checked, the advertisers who spent 10-20% of their budget on Google shopping feed cultivated 2x ROI in shopping. These are two vital reasons to start optimizing your Google Shopping Feed, i.e., increased relevancy and improved organization. Your shopping campaign depends on how efficiently your shopping feed is structured and categorized.

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