Top Angular JS Frameworks Simplifying Development

Top Angular JS Frameworks Simplifying Development
August 14 2017

With the advent of internet and awareness, having a modern website or application has become an acute need of businesses. Through them, one can actually tap scattered opportunities and customers but developing a fine website and application is not an easy task. A right framework plays a very big role in the perfect development of the online image of your business. Angular JS is one such framework.

Basically, it is a JavaScript framework, maintained by Google and helps in creating one-page applications. It is gaining popularity mainly because of its ability to simplify the development process. There is a range of front-end frameworks supporting Angular JS which come with their inbuilt features to support your application development process. Here is the list of some top frameworks.


Ionic is a powerful front-end framework for developing the web and mobile applications. It is optimised with directives of Angular JS to support the development of CSS3 and HTML5-powered applications. The framework is built with SAAS and offers a software development kit (SDK) along with a library of UI components so that an interactive cum hybrid application can be easily designed for touch devices.

Mobile Angular UI

It is a very common framework for designing HTML5-powered mobile applications. It offers many useful components like overlays, sidebars, switches, navigation buttons, scrollable area and etc. Apart from this, this Bootstrap and Angular optimised framework also supports powerful libraries like fastclick.js and overthrow.js. Thus, with it, you can easily design a responsive mobile user interface as well as convert your desktop application to a mobile application.


With this dynamic framework, you can easily create a hybrid mobile application with a high-end interactive interface. This framework easily integrates with REST Application Programming Interface (API), allowing effortless data integration and modification in the backend. This is the best framework to sign API-powered applications for Android and iOS mobile devices.


Built on the guidelines of Google material design, this framework is perfect to build robust one-page applications. It can design applications faster and easier with the help of AngularJS and jQuery. Its Saas, Neat, and Bourbon integration helps in designing customised applications.


The feature which makes it distinct from others is Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD) structure. This sin popular for writing features and building high-end web applications that support advanced functions. This framework also supports a number of file types like CoffeeScript, SAAS, vanilla Javascript and JADE files. It easily gets integrated with Protractor, an Angular JS testing framework and Yeoman, a scaffolding framework.


Mean literally stands for Mongo DB, Express, Angular.js and Node.js. Thus, it is a full-power compact javascript framework which is not just light and efficient but also ensures elimination unproductive work so that a well-organised application can be created. It is flexible, easy to understand and one of the fastest-growing web development frameworks with a well-detailed document. All technologies herein are open source and free to use.

Suave UI

For building a dynamic user interface, this modern framework consists of directives and CSS definitions. It has a number of features like a grid, form elements, coloured buttons, negative/positive action buttons, a snack bar and many more.

Thus, we see there are many options and many more will come but one should always consider the features, functionalities and UI components of the frameworks before using it.

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