Social Networking

Social Networking is the flow of relationships between people, groups computing & other connected entities.

Social Networking

Fullestop provides cutting edge and unique social media solutions as per your special idea. We have spent hundreds of hours building social networking websites. To start with, we take a framework, customize it with creative designs and integrate it with new features. With features equivalent or surpassing the popular social networks, our rapidly deployed solutions can deliver you the functionality and look of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn.

  • We help you build your own customized social network that works best
  • We integrate additional features such as Blogs, Forums, Groups, Videos, News etc. to help members to interact and share information
  • Secure, scalable and advanced social networking solutions that give you the best ROI
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Our Social Network Design

Our Social Network Design and Development Core Features

  • User Registration
  • User Administration
  • Friends lists and activity feeds
  • Blogs
  • Internal messaging
  • Custom Vertical Search
  • Discussion Forums
  • Customizable Users Homepages
  • Customizable Personal Profiles
  • Presence Awareness (who’s online lists)
  • File/Audio/Video Sharing
  • Video publishing and Online Video Editing
  • Chat Integration
  • RSS – Content Syndication
  • Content Management (CMS)
  • User Role Administration
  • Deployment on AWS Cloud
  • Photo Gallery & Comments
  • Content Bookmarking
  • Basic Privacy Settings
  • Facebook Connect & Email Login
  • Groups
  • Wall Comments
  • Ad Management System
  • Flagging System
  • Facebook Applications
  • Event Calendar
  • WordPress Integration
  • Twitter Connect
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Chat
  • Mobile Applications
  • Flickr Feed
  • Custom Audio & Video Players
  • Instant Messenger
  • User Storefronts
  • Social Media Account Customization
  • Advanced Email Notifications

Highlights of our Social Networking Solutions

  • Correct mixture of Text, Image and Graphics for presentation
  • Ease of use with advanced profile search facilities
  • Well optimized for Search Engines
  • Advanced Content Management System
  • Easy navigation across the website
  • User security and privacy.

Our social network development portfolio and capabilities

  • Development of social communities and corporate networks
  • Commerce solutions—B2B, B2C exchanges
  • Community Portals/Vortals
  • Finance based portfolio management application
  • Virtual science forums
  • Yellow pages driven portals
  • Photo sharing and managing application with integrated social networking features
  • Lab management suite with networking features
  • Community portals for wireless and mobile devices
  • Networking platform for professionals
  • Travel app with social sharing features
  • Social networking integration into enterprise applications
  • Location-based survey application with social sharing features

How we work

Fullestop follows below processes and practices to develop the Social Networking Websites:

  • image
    Requirement analysis
  • image
    Interface designing
  • image
    Database designing
  • image
    Navigation structure designing
  • image
    Module development
  • image
    Module integration
  • image
    Testing on local server
  • image
    Testing on live server
  • image
  • image
  • image
    Client feedback
  • image
    Maintenance & support

Our expertise in Social Media Development

The team of developers at Fullestop specializes in developing feature-rich social networking applications using Drupal or Symfony and standards compliant HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL with innovative AJAX usage and browser compatible, w3 certified, section 508 compliant coding. We have also used PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, .Net and Java for web technologies, together with developing social media application for mobile operating systems (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android).

  • Cutting-Edge Social Platforms
  • Open Standards
  • Identity & Trust
  • Content Management & User Control
  • Publishing & Messaging
  • Data portability
  • Micro-formats
  • Tags & APIs (application programming interfaces)

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