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Engagement Models

Fullestop follows a sophisticated strategy in delivering its services. A robust and powerful engagement model is the foundation for an effective offshore experience. Our engagement model is highly centered on fulfilling customer’s innate needs.

Fullestop’s clients and partners immensely benefit from its unique engagement model which establishes a commitment toward a successful project right from the planning phase to the delivery phase. We follow standard engagement models as the leading service providers practice globally.

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Idea to Execution

Fully leveraging the possibilities and opportunities, fundamentally changing how you deliver value to customers.

Customer’s needs

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Benefits of working
with Fullestop

  • Our resources work dedicatedly on your project
  • You get the best possible value for your money
  • We only use named resources. Your involvement in resource selection is highly appreciated and You may choose the project managers, developers, testers, and business analysts as per your preferences
  • We offer an initial trial exercise to demonstrate our professionalism and working capabilities
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How We Work

Simple- we work with you, for you, and your business interests. For us, your growth translates into our growth. At Fullestop, we firmly uphold the value of well-defined processes, essential for consistently meeting delivery and quality benchmarks.

Fullestop is a CMMI level 3 certified organization. In other words, we have been diligently implementing systems that benchmarked against the best in the world and ensuring that the service delivery is streamlined against your needs.

We invite you to learn more about how Capability Maturity Model Integration (also known as CMMI) is now considered the Software industry's standard for quality improvements in our white paper on CMMI. Taking on learning from CMMI, Fullestop has further attuned its service offerings to being a service provider to a partner – and a definite partner in progress.

We start with an extensive requirement elicitation process – which includes consulting on the project, Specification finalizations, Wireframe development, and a review process.

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We have regular review meetings at every step of the way on the requirement elicitation processes with you to ensure that your vision is manifested in the documentation process.

Once this is done, we work on our project plans and milestone-based deadlines – each project is usually unique with its own needs and deliverables. This is accounted for in the project plan and agreed with you. Our experienced project managers can anticipate your needs to ensure quality and timely delivery every single time. With the blueprint in place, our seasoned coding team takes the reins. We enforce checks and balances through consistent internal reporting, thereby effectively managing project delivery schedules.

Above all, we recognize that effective communication is paramount. Our strength lies in truly listening to your needs, avoiding unnecessary technical jargon, and communicating in plain English – ensuring that our delivery aligns seamlessly with your expectations

Our Models

  • One time, one cost

    Also known as Fixed Duration or Fixed Cost or Budget Model, this engagement model has been proven to be quite beneficial for small and mid-size projects. The model is most suitable for low-budget projects where requirements do not change till the end. Choose this model, if:

    • You need to complete a project in limited time frame, or
    • You have financial constraints, or
    • You are just about to begin a new venture
  • Time and Materials (T&M)

    Under this model, our employees will work on your project on an hourly basis. The employees dedicatedly work on your project and follow your instructions. Such projects generally have scope for addition of new feature and technologies on-the-go. Choose this model, if:

    • You have a conceptualized plan and want to execute the same under your guidance, or
    • You have already started a project, but want to make some changes or customize it, or
    • You face some troubles while executing your ongoing project, or
    • You need help of a professional during a project development life cycle
  • Hire dedicated resources

    Under this engagement model, Fullestop assigns its project managers, developer & testers, special consultants etc. for your project dedicatedly. We have excellent infrastructure and resources to meet your project requirements. This model offers cost-effective resources exclusively working on your project. Choose this model, if:

    • You have all the information, data and guidelines for the project, or
    • You want to enjoy low offshore billing advantage, or
    • You do not have sufficient space or resources at your development center, or
    • You want Fullestop to enhance features in no time

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