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Feedback application system
#Swift 2 #MySQL#CakePHP 2.x

Unilever, one of the biggest FMCG companies in the world, knew the importance of getting adequate feedback from their consumers. With the changing customer habits and preferences, collecting insightful and meaningful feedback from customers is a good habit to get into. And Unilever knew it better than anyone else. In order to get the work done professionally, they approached us, Fullestop. And we created the blueprint of the application centered on its potential users keeping the requirements of Unilever in mind. Fullestop developed a feature-rich application for user feedback while providing dashboards for the administrator to gather data and use to arrive at intelligent insights that Unilever can leverage to make informed decisions and formulate actionable strategies about their service offerings. The development philosophy that we followed was to combine the aesthetics of the application intelligently with its functionality. Unilever went on to implement the findings with the help of the app and bolstered the service offerings to greater customer satisfaction and delight. With our comprehensive support for app development, the feeling of Unilever was the same.

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