Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing for a better understanding of your Customers and Market.

Natural Language

Technology has reached a state where Analytics is much more than just an Aggregated, Profiled and Visualized thing. It has become a real thinking system challenging the intellectual aspects of the human - Learning, Reasoning and Conceptualizing using the powerful AI and Cognitive Technologies.

Human Language is Complex and Diverse. Building a Technology that enables computers to understand and process human languages requires capabilities to handle a level of Sophistication, making it possible for Machines to Read, Listen, Interpret and Interact with Humans.

Engaging your customers through Social Media provides a great opportunity to mine information and get a better sense of the Market Trends and Brand awareness. Deep Analysis can be performed on the User Generated Content to understand Moods, Sentiments and Engagement. Harnessing this data effectively enables Organisations to compete more effectively and provides them an incredible edge in solving tomorrow’s challenges. At Fullestop, we provide powerful NLP-Driven solutions for your products and applications that offer an accurate and precise predictive sense of what your Customer expects.

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What We Do

  • Text Classification
  • Language Modeling
  • Speech Recognition
  • Caption Generation
  • Document Summarization
  • Topic Discovery
  • Contextual Extraction
  • Sentimental Analysis and Emotion Detection

Leverage the power of Natural Language Processing for a better understanding of your Customers and Market. At Fullestop, we make it easy to develop solutions that consumes Digital Conversations and provide invaluable insights and support for a host of Business Processes.

Tools We Use

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    Natural Language Toolkit
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