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Some of the most talented workforce are freelancers and finding them for businesses is hard. They can bring in results beyond your expectations and drive incredible value for your investments. But finding them to supercharge your business and growth aspirations is a bigger challenge than we realize. Avenue Growth wanted to solve this predicament with a unique platform. When the client approached Fullestop with the project to develop a creatively superior website to bring businesses and freelance growth specialists together for mutually beneficial relationships, we immediately knew the potential of the website, as we were onboard. We created a holistic website conducive for everyone using the platform. We incorporated powerful and robust systems for safety of data shared between the users on the platform. We also made profiles for both freelancers and businesses to evaluate their past performance and payment history so that potential projects can be accepted/assigned based on the rating and feedback of not just the freelancer but also of the business. The website came exceptionally close to the client’s visions, and became another example of Fullestop’s expertise.

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