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Getting local knowledge and professional business consulting support is important for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to go global. However, finding reliable and experienced companies to support is a constant challenge to meet and Englobally is the best name you can find in the market. However, despite offering a gamut of business support services, the brand lacked a powerful and efficient content management system for the services that they offer. The client approached Fullestop to develop a scalable website with an intelligent content management system to render their services more effectively to users. Having understood the needs of the client, we leveraged the possibilities of WordPress to develop a suitable CMS website for the client. We tweaked the platform to meet the needs of the clients while making the design fluidic and immersive. The result was a well-developed and designed website that was spot on per the content management requirements of the business. For us, it was another project that underscored our web development and design philosophies that directly addressed the client pain-points.

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