Overseas Matrimony Best match for brides and grooms

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Overseas Indian Matrimony wanted to make it easier for its users to find the best match for brides and grooms especially in the Indian society where cultural and social elements play a huge role in marriage. They wanted to emphasize their belief about marriage that it is not just about two individuals, but about two families getting together through the website. They wanted to help users make the matchmaking process effortless and easy especially if the bride or the groom is overseas. As they wanted to achieve this through the website, they approached Fullestop with the vision to create a comprehensive website that can provide the users with the options to find the best match for them. We worked on the project and put together a unique strategy that took into consideration the design, performance, and the user-experience. The website also was integrated with the options to become a member—free or paid—as per the preference of the user. The users can also use the search options with multiple filters to find the most suitable match as per their needs. The design and performance of the website came out exceptionally well and the client was really happy with the final product. For Fullestop, it was another project that came out even better than expected delighting the client.

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