ZeebaLargest Exporter & Manufacturer of Basmati Rice

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Zeeba is one of the biggest basmati rice brands in the country. Due to the extensive number of products they offer, it became a concern for consumers to select the right product from the brand’s product list that was practically unending. This kept the brand thinking about developing a website to promote their branded basmati rice. They wanted to allow the customers to learn more about their brand of basmati rice and make the choice. When they wanted to develop the website, they approached Fullestop for the project. We went on to develop a customer-focused website that displayed all the details that a user would like to know about basmati rice sold by Zeeba. The website showcased the unique market positioning of the client, their infrastructure, and capabilities that ensured value and uncompromised quality of the rice. The website came out user-friendly and value-adding to the brand. Zeeba was overwhelmed by the final rendition of the website and Fullestop affirmed why we do what we do. Client delighted. Mission accomplished.

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