Kelchi EventsOrganize there sacred events to perfection

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Life is full of celebrations, and making each celebration, moment, and occasion special is a joy unmatched. Everyone wants to make each moment perfect. That’s why we need skilled and expert event managers to make each event a celebration itself. But finding the best event planners in our location is another challenge, and finding the best is even more challenging. This predicament is what Kelchievent was looking to resolve. When the client briefed us about their requirements about an extensively feature-rich website that can act as a search engine of sorts for top event planners, we knew what they were looking for. We designed the architecture of the website from scratch keeping in mind the operations of users on the site and their needs. We combined functionality with immersive design elements that make the entire interaction of users on the site value-adding and worth every single moment. Rich with categories and tailor-made search options, the website came out beyond perfect. The client was beyond ecstatic and our heart was full with contentment.

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