sikhvivahMatrimonial Web Application

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Marriages are made in heaven. More than two people coming together to live for the rest of their lives, it is also the coming together of two families. Hence, it is important that one finds the most suitable and compatible partner. This was the question that Sikh Vivah was trying to answer with their matrimonial website. They sought to develop a website that can bring individuals of the Sikh community to find their match for matrimonial bond. Learning about the vision of the client from diverse interactions, we got on board to develop a scalable, robust website to help users find their match. We made the website feature-rich with extensive details of the users so that informed decisions can be made by them. Due to the sensitive details displayed on the website, we used strong data security measures on the site as a priority for increased safety. The design offered immersive experiences for users without waning the functionality. The streamlined development approach with advanced technology brought us another client extremely delighted.

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