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Specializing in creating bespoke, top-notch jewelries, Anny’s Jewellers is a boutique jewelry store with a matchless domain legacy of over 28 years. However, the store was unable to display their unique selling propositions and unrivaled expertise in the industry to their online customers and expand their business. Hence, they approached us with the vision to create a website that can communicate their unique positioning in the market and its legacy in fine jewelry-making. As we understood their needs, in order to create a website that emphasizes the brand, its unique marketing-positioning, and user-experience, we put together a team of expert developers, designers, and branding strategists. We went ahead with a design philosophy that focused on intuitive user-experience and convenience. We used extensive and advanced developments technologies to make the website highly responsible, interactive, and quickly navigable for every user. We also ensured the website to help users journey through the entire process of custom jewelry creation right from right from the design stage, to handpicking the diamonds from a range of selections. The website also had a section where existing customers can make use of their services including Remodeling, Valuation, Repair and Services of jewelries. The website came out exceptionally well becoming a unique representation of everything that Anny’s Jewellers stood for.

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