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Directcoins had an inventive concept in numismatics that fits the technology-driven times that the world is in. They wanted to create a platform for numismatics enthusiasts where they can come together and indulge in online trading of coinage. More than a business platform, Directcoins wanted to open an avenue for coin connoisseurs to come and indulge in trading activities with people of similar hobbies and mindsets to collect the coinage that they do not have or would like to have. Intrigued by the concept, we accepted the opportunity to bring the vision alive. We assembled a team experienced in designing, developing, and structuring ecommerce platforms that ensure impeccable user-experience and intuitive human-technology interactions. We approached the project with a unique design and development philosophy that aimed to support the vision of the client and fashioned the website as a comprehensive ecommerce platform while giving it a distinct style as an avenue that aims to promote numismatics in every way. Our wholehearted and inventive approach helped us add a new delighted client to our list of clientele.

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