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Docs Remedy

Digitizing healthcare records for doctors and patients
#native #JavaScript

One of the biggest challenges that doctors and patients face today is managing medical records. All of us, at some point, had some records missing, some torn, and some even misplaced. But Doc Remedy looks to change all that building a patient-centered app that can simplify the healthcare records distribution between doctors and patients. They wanted to have an experienced and insightful team onboard for the project, and unsurprisingly, they approached us. Looking at the potential of the application and the lives it would change, we got on board with the project. As most of the users of the application will be elderly people and people with medical conditions, Fullestop wanted a simple, yet robust app with intelligent UI that can offer immersive experience to the users. Doc Remedy allowed its users to scan and upload medical records that they can choose to share with a doctor when required. For Fullestop, this was yet another project where we endeavored to create unique for end-users and make the client delighted.

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