PLifeGDosmestic service provider app

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Domestic life is never easy—the water supply might just stop suddenly. The children might break furniture while playing. The a/c might stop working when you least expect. No one wants to call the authorized service center for all these and wait days. And finding skilled professionals for domestic services is a challenging task in itself. Looking at this predicament that numerous households face every day, PLifeG came with the idea of developing an application that helps find on-demand domestic services professionals. Fullestop worked hard and developed a feature-rich application with aesthetically-superior design, robust functionalities, and an intuitive UI for better CX. We built real-time professional location and service update features into the app making it possible for the users to hire the professionals who are near. The app made it easier to know the estimated arrival time of the professional and their current locations. Fullestop fleshed out the idea and brought it alive impeccably well, says the PLifeG Team. For us, it was exceeding the expectations of the clients, one more time.

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