VendourVendour app automated retail machine

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A next-generation vending machine solutions provider, Vendour aimed to make customer and business interactions with vending machines sublime, efficient, and hassle-free. Vendour’s vision was to create an intuitive app that can both give the users easier vendor interactions while giving more control, data, and insights to the businesses to make the whole vending machine businesses all the more value-adding. They approached us with their idea to take vending machines to the next level and to make that possible Vendour was looking to create a mobile application that can help the users explore diverse products available in the machine while enabling them for quicker, contactless, and cashless payments. Realizing the unique requirements of the clients, our team of designers, marketing strategists, and developers came up with an outstanding application that met and exceeded the expectations of the clients. The project underlined why Fullestop is regarded as the best place for mobile app development services in the market.

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