The objective was to present an honest and unbiased ecommerce portal which offers for all kinds of Precious and semi-precious Gemstones Beads, Briolette, Chips, Nuggets, Silver and Gold beads & Findings according to fashion concerns of people. The system would showcase the wide collection of magnificent stone jewellery having styles varies from classic and sophisticated to hip and modern. The system would depict each product as a must have accessory and acclaimed to provide top class lifestyle jewellery at affordable price. The website would incorporate the large amount of content without making it look cluttered. The theme of the system would be customized in a way that it reflects the premium splendid products and creatively engaging experience for visitors.

The main emphasize will be placed on creating a stronger relationship with customers by implementing an e-commerce system and provide them the products.


Sargems is a system designed and developed by Fullestop which will facilitate users by providing them the splendid precious and semi-precious stone jewelry online. The system will provide customers with the best selection of gemstones, beads, briolette and findings at the best prices. The creations will be crafted by skilled artisans with different kind of gemstones.

It will be proved a platform for societal aspects of corporate social responsibility. The eye catching imagery and attractive UI compliments the visualization of the products.

The system would offer various products listed in different categories. Users can choose from them and add them to the cart for ordering them online by making payment through integrated payment gateway.
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Fullestop task was to research best of breed solutions that would meet the client’s needs, determine the best fit solutions and present them with recommended solutions.

Following are the challenges Fullestop faced while developing Sargems Website:

  • Creating an UI which develop visual flair and interactive features match the goal and vision
  • Working with the architecture of Magento and its management system
  • Using Magento extensions for better functioning in a proper way.
  • Developing a robust e-commerce platform.
  • Providing a secure method for transaction.


Fullestop has developed a one stop marketplace that is:

  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Offering a user friendly & organized product display
  • Easy to navigate and having visually appealing theme
  • Easy Payment Processing Network
  • Robust and user friendly system


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