The aim was to especially design a feedback application for the users to gather their meaningful opinions, comments, and feedback over the provided salon services. The survey provides an opportunity to the respondent to discuss important key topics related to the services. Unilever would analyse the survey data and develop sensible decisions based on analysed results for increasing their brand value and providing their services to customer in better way as per their feedback or suggestion.

The system would act as a platform for customers to express their view or opinions regarding the services provided by unilever by filling the survey related to services. On the basis of their feedback of survey, data is collected and analysed. On the basis of analyzation, results are deduced and decisions are taken.


Unilever mobile app will be a system designed by Fullestop to conduct surveys related to hair and skin care. Users would have to select from one of them: Skin Care or Hair Care. As per the selected category, the survey would be displayed on the screen and user have to answer the question as per their choice. After completing the survey users have to provide their basic details like name, contact no. and email id and they and submit the survey.

On the basis of feedback of the customers, services are improved constantly which increases the fondness of the brand among the masses.
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Following are the challenges Fullestop faced while developing Unilever mobile app:

  • Collecting feedback from large no. of clients and analyzing the data on the basis of that.
  • Developing a user friendly interface with nice design and fluid user experience.
  • Working on several optimization techniques to handle the load of data generating every minute.
  • Testing the application in various user scenarios.


Fullestop has developed a feedback application that is:

  • Secure in nature and ease of use
  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Robust and having a user friendly UI


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