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Snapivite is the amalgamation of all the wedding management necessities onto a single platform. Right from the moment you say “Yes” to the time you recite your vows, Snapivite dons the role of your best man or your bridesmaid, ensuring you savor every bit and every moment of this wonderful journey.

Founded by Nitesh Dhandharia, an MBA by education, an entrepreneur by profession and a visionary by birth, he is also the sole proprietor of Aanandam Designer Invites, a pre-eminent wedding card design establishment in India. With over 8 years of maturity in the wedding industry, Nitesh envisaged intrinsic loopholes in the wedding management domain. As every individual task was executed separately, leading to confusions and oversights, he ideated the elimination of these futile errors by compiling all tasks on one platform, thus, giving birth to Snapivite.

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