The solicitor firm was intended to develop their presence in the web world to get connected with solicitors worldwide. The aim of the firm was to consistently exceed client expectations, by investing their people and continually striving to achieve the highest standards. Fullestop got this special opportunity to develop the website to present the solicitor firm of London online. The team was imbued with a mission to deliver a quality work to facilitate the corporate firm to grow their business more effectively and efficiently.


The Law firm is the online repository of solicitors that aims to give them international exposure. The focused site emphases the overall workings of the corporate and their employees. The same helps the corporate to use this platform to offer a full range of services, including property etc.

Fullestop took the initiative to fulfill the client requirements by developing a simple content rich website that was manageable via backend. The site evolved out to be really appealing. Despite being heavy on content the intelligent placement of information is surely a model of designing brilliance. The seamless design and beautiful organization of the information on the site lends it perfect platform to its users.
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  • The prime challenge concerning was to present the site as one of the best online law firm by maintaining their current dignity.
  • Secondly the website is heavy on content and with such a barrage of information in our hands the placement of content was indeed a challenge to work upon, so that it does not look crowded with content but neat.
  • The portal could facilitate the sharing and making the communications more effective.
  • To create scripts and coding from scratch for the entire website based on newly integrated design and layout.
  • To maintain site to ensure comprehensive usability and support.


  • To provide a seamless portal design with rich, informative and user-friendly interface.
  • The portal to be developed with a complete backend (Content Management systems) which manages the whole application and enables in updating the content.
  • To provide secured access to portal.
  • To develop the website that would have a clutter free look about it, apart from being alluring to the eyes.
  • To develop the website using scalable technologies so that incase newer features are required to be incorporated, then the website should be scalable.



  • The design is fresh and engaging, yet simple to navigate.
  • The content was added at appropriate sections by keeping the designs views.
  • The new blog added would work more proper than they would be.

Target Audience

The site was targeted to:

  • Solicitors
  • Global Users


The Fullestop team accomplished the mission to present the law firm online and enhance its existing dignity to its peak.

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