The objective of BAJAJ is to create a go-to website for anyone in the Arabian gulf who is seeking info about Hair care. In addition, to Creates a platform for brand to establish & strengthen an emotional connect with consumers.


Bajaj Herbals - 41TBajaj Veola, from Bajaj Herbals, is an FMCG brand in the hair care segment with a small market share across the MENA region. Based out of India, the client operates the MENA region through a regional office in SAIF ZONE, Sharjah. The client distributes its products across 17-20 countries including GCC, Levant and North Africa.

Fullestop - Has achieved the objectives by understanding and realizing the change in content provided by the client, structure and aesthetic feel for the web site provided by the client. By implementing the new content, structure and creativity with stable technology, we were able to provide the visitors with the exact feel, which the Bajaj herbals were looking for.
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The major challenge for Bajaj is to establish values of the Brand. We want to Establish Bajaj Viola as an Herbal Hair Care Brand, to establish new packaging. Other challenge is to explain in detail the Key Functional benefits of all segments in which we are present like Oils, Hair Creams, Conditioners and Hair colorants. The next major challenge is to challenge market leaders like Dabur and Parachute we need to increase our connectivity with consumers. It has to be built through all possible media and internet is one of the best ways.


The phases to fulfill the requirements are as follows:

  • Understanding the Content and Structuring: “BAJAJ HERBALS” provided the new content, structure and creativity. We incorporated the content within the structure while keeping in mind that the primary objective of the messaging remained untouched.
  • Creative and Website Scripting: We had to create scripts and coding from scratch for the entire website based on the newly integrated design and layout.
  • The Flash scripts on the website were important part of the messaging strategy. We created and integrated the applications with the site’s layout based on the requirements.
  • We compressed the flash scripts to bare minimum size, which allowed the applications to load quickly and gave the visitors exactly the feel, which “bajaj herbals” is looking for.


  • New messaging communicated with ease – The experience in the “Bajaj Herbal” website allows the visitor to feel the difference of various hair care products with the help of interactive flash applications.
  • Communication in Arabs and Asians – Rolling out the same website for the Arabs and Asians shows that the communication to the audience is integrated and helps “Bajaj Herbals” to strengthen its global identity.
  • Strategy Achieved -The flawless implementation of the communication strategy for “Bajaj Herbals” in terms of the new content, structure, layout and creative across all target audience was done on a highly reasonable price along with quality delivery right on time.


Target Audience

  • Arabs & Asians
  • Females (age 20-40)
  • Beauty conscious
  • Household
  • Believers in Natural/Herbal products


FulleStop achieved the objective of establishing the brand website for Bajaj Herbals to explain the key functional benefits of all the segments in which they are present like Oils, Hair Creams, Conditioners and Hair colorants and intended to provide the visitors with the exact feel, which the Bajaj herbals were looking for.

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