The goal of this website was to concoct a presentable approach towards competently making the product – ‘BORO- PLUS’ of the ‘EMAMI’ group stand out of the league in a cut-throat competition souk. The task was to set-up a comprehensive dominance of the product and a firm presence not only in the Indian market but also globally. Magnified and enhanced focus of the website was put to publicize the glory of the Indian product in the Russian market also. For this very reason the site was developed both in English as well as Russian language. As a consequence the site had to be developed keeping in mind the specific needs of the Russian market so as to connect and proficiently identify with the requirements and the outlook of the Russian consumers towards the Indian product. The most implicit task was to understand the feasibility of endurance amongst the general public along with the doctor fraternity of Russia who prescribe and recommend the needful to the people. As per the requisition stress was laid on espousal of agile methodology throughout the site which focused on conveying and divulging information via competent designs and development tools.


‘What is the best deserves nothing less but the best!’

One of the finest products in the cosmetics market – Boro Plus has been the first choice of consumers around the globe. The aim now was to target the audience at a much bigger scale. For this very reason a need arose to develop a website which not only attracts people to visit the site but also persuade them to go for the products advertised on the site.

The site basically puts light on the various features and performs the task of spreading information on the Boro-Plus products available under the various categories of skincare solutions. Information on the site is availed in a very eye-catching way along with striking integration with the design.

‘Fullestop’ undertook the responsibility of developing the site for ‘Emami group’ and putting it through the production phase at a very petite notice. But time limitations proved no barriers as the final outcome was a fully scalable and robust website along with a lustrous appearance. Team Fullestop was determined to develop a site which served the foremost intention of establishing the presence of the products in the Russian market. ‘Fullestop’ successfully achieved the objectives of the client by giving attention to minute particulars, challenges, understanding and realizing the key areas to work on, deploying best technologies to support the idea and committed efforts. The result was extremely fast loading website, dependable operations and aesthetic and sentient feel apart from being receptive and responsive.
  • A fully scalable and robust high performance website
  • Reliable operations with precision
  • Integration of best technologies
  • Consistent user experience
  • User-friendliness and ease of operations
  • Good performance and quick page load
  • Attractive theme and styling
  • Structured and consistent representation of information
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  • When Fullestop was contacted for the development of the Boro Plus website, the preliminary approach taken was to collaboratively improvise the client’s requirements in a very short span of time. The foremost advancement adopted by the team Fullestop was to keep up with the task of delivering the site on such a short notice. The biggest challenge that team Fullestop had to face was to provide a complete new design to the site.
  • The most intricate challenge faced by the designing and the development team was the duration availed to complete the website. As a result, the various tools and techniques implemented and the tasks accomplished during the site’s development at both the designing and the development ends had to be done as per the client’s requirement by implementing agile methodology.
  • Another challenge faced by the team Fullestop was that the site was not intended for the local audience (India) but mainly for Russia. Henceforth, all the implementations had to be ad-hoc in nature keeping in mind the strategies specific to the Russian market. As a consequence the website had to be developed in Russian language along with English.
  • The competition of the Boro-Plus products was not only confined to the cosmetics section but also with products representing the herbal and the antiseptic segments. So the content and strategy adopted was developed considering all the potential entrants. Hence, to increase the connectivity with end-consumers the various advertising skills also had to be incorporated. The site had to be built through all possible social media networking sites.
  • In order to maintain the integrity of the site it was necessary to administer the website in such a way that the complex backend would not be revealed to the user. Hence, the key challenge was to design the UI of the website incorporating numerous different approaches mandatory for the system, displaying them in an uncomplicated way so that the website should look simple & easily readable. Fullestop had to look at creative and unique ways to optimize code and UI of the website so as to present a unique combination extremely sought-after.
  • The next challenge was to avail a great navigation to allow visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for, much more quickly and easily. To achieve this design of the site needed to be sublimely dynamic and vibrant.


To make the site flexible, scalable and robust Fullestop simplified the challenges by decomposing them into simple features and sections. A suitable dais was required to be developed by the team with proper implementation of innovative tools and techniques along with a fully new and up-to-the-mark navigational design to make the user journey splendid and thoroughly appealing.

  • The diversified range of Boro -Plus products were suitably catalogued and accordingly categorized and displayed on the site with an attention-grabbing view.
  • The foreign market strategies were carefully perceived and analyzed for the apt implementation of the tactics perceived as an outcome of the market expectations
  • The look and feel i.e. the design of the website was finalized keeping in mind a startling navigation through the site.
  • Fullestop started exploring the best technologies and researched on integrating them into one single powerful system. Advanced optimization techniques were deployed along with highly refined code and database tricks to achieve a high performance dais for the website.
  • Team Fullestop worked on several optimization techniques to handle the load of data generating every minute detail which included distributed memory object caching system to speed up the web application by alleviating database load.
  • Videos pertaining to the products were availed on the site so as to make the users friendlier with the content on the site.
  • The architecture of the website was designed to gain the full SEO (search engine optimization) support.
  • Develop a comprehensive system architecture that supports scalability, robustness and high performance.
  • Develop site features to facilitate multi level menu system and multi user content creation.
  • To extend the reach of the website, it was implemented in 2 languages – English and Russian.
  • The site was proficiently completed and was put to the production phase in no time.
  • Social media plugins were provided to make the site in order to enhance the visibility of the site around the web.


  • Fullestop enhanced the look and feel of the website by blending of images that matches with the theme of the website.
  • The website is duly user friendly and amply informative for the visitors to have all the details of the Boro-Plus products.


Target Audience

The website primarily intends to target the Russian audience. Information is availed on the various Boro-Plus skin care products and the usage not only as a cosmetic item but also as antiseptic and herbal solutions.


Fullestop accomplished and executed a flawless implementation of “Boro Plus website” which was done on a highly reasonable price along with quality delivery right on time.

Acknowledgement by our patron

What our clients had to say on the successful delivery of the project- “The way team Fullestop helped us to overcome our difficulties is very commendable and praise worthy. They very competently came up to our expectations. To excel, hire them”

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