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Practical Solutions Group wanted to give its users options to choose the training programs that they offered with the help of an intuitive website where diverse training programs and options are listed. While there are many areas and elements that a business needs to take care to train their employees, it becomes harder for them to choose the right training programs and the website aimed to help the users with choosing the best training for their company. In order to best showcase the training programs that they offered, they came to Fullestop to develop a comprehensive and aesthetically superior website. As we sat down with the client discussing the shape and forms that the website needs to take to effectively connect with and engage the clients, we suggested the business to work around the motto of the client ‘Fix the 20% problems that cause you 80% of the pain’ as the development philosophy. As the major objective of the client was to help businesses enhance their performance, we crafted the website emphasizing this particular idea. We integrated a powerful and robust CMS that enables the clients to also manage their content on the website more efficiently for better user-experience. The result was an amazing website that met the vision of the client while delivering impeccable experience for the users. Our committed efforts resulted in creating a highly satisfied and delighted client.

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